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Friday, March 22, 2013

Ohhhh, Pinterest

In preparation for having an empty nest, I have been organizing and cleaning out.  I tend to make a lot of purchases on clearance sales, and so I buy things pretty cheaply, in anticipation of need.  Of course, I haven't used everything I have purchased- not so much to be embarrassed about it, but enough to have surplus.

So as I sort and eliminate, and clean, and organize, I have found Pinterest to be very useful.  Just browsing the pictures gives me plenty to brainstorm about, and helps me figure out how I will organize items so that I will know where everything is, and I can consume it before buying anything new.

I have to say it has worked very well.  My linen closet (actually toiletry closet) is done. Under all sinks are done.  My school supplies organized. My daughter's room is done.  I just did our kitchen medicine cabinet.

I am very happy.

On the downside, Pinterest has also tempted me to start sewing, and to completely switch rooms in the house.  I am moving my office out of the bedroom, making the room more peaceful, and  giving me a dedicated place to work.  My daughter has already been consolidated back to one room, instead of two, and the guest room is being moved to her sewing room/computer room.  So while the site has been useful in giving me tons of ideas for organization, it has also given me a lot more work to do.


Ps.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have found these this type of containers to be very useful.


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