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Friday, March 22, 2013

Sooooo close to finished.... yet so far.

It is so hard to focus on the final academics that need to be done before graduation.  There are almost 2 months before graduation, so there is plenty of time, but a lot of that time is accounted for with the SR. Project for her arts program.  She has had to write, design, and will need to rehearse and perform a show on graduation day.  So I want the academics done.

Left to do:

2 Lifepac paces for Physical science
1 term paper for economics.
1 full .5 credit study on health.

The college she is going to also wants her to take a math test, a writing test, and a spanish test online right away.

Meanwhile, I am having problems pulling her attention from her SR. Project, as that is most exciting.


I'm just glad to know that I won't have to micro-manage her work anymore.  She responds much better to teachers (like the one who is mentoring her Sr. Project).  I'm not worried about college... just anxious to get 12th grade finished.


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