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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Economics Done! - a review

All that my child has to finish to be done with her homeschool academics forever is health.  She finished her economics course last night while I was doing her hair.  She used a basic text book via Glencoe  and online tests to learn the basics of Economics, then we finished up with "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy", a book that I recently came upon.  It is "an Uncle Eric Book", from a series that has a matter-of-fact way to describing political and financial subjects, and I seems like homeschoolers are taking to the book series.

Anyway, after she finished the basic curriculum, I had her read the book and requested a discussion of it... she chose verbal and I was fine with that as I am anxious to finish the year.  She described the book chapter by chapter, told my how it compared and contrasted with the textbook and what insight it gave her.

She basically feels that I should have had her do this Economics course before Personal Finance because she may have felt more inclined to embrace the work.  She is the type of person who has to understand WHY before she embraces any materials, and this book I added to her Economics course mad the WHY's very clear.

She plans to keep the book forever, and make sure that her future husband reads it too.  She feels it will help her avoid the pitfalls that people often fall for that keeps our economy if a constant cycle of boom and bust.


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