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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Carnival of Homeschooling, getting down to business

Carnival of Homeschooling So it was my turn to host the Carnival of Homeschooling, I was so very excited, as I am officially a veteran homeschooling having recently graduated my second and last child from homeschooling.  She attended a homeschool-hybrid program for the Arts and some literature, and did the rest of her academics at home.  So anyway, I was soooo giddy from the sheer glut of all the submissions coming into my email box, but didn't open too many of them right away, because I was still planning the graduation party, so my attention was directed elsewhere.

Well, I can tell you that looks are deceiving,  because when I did start digging into the submissions, I found a big-ole-mess of spam.  Now correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think us homeschoolers need to read a dozen posts from nanny services on how to keep in-laws from babysitting, or summer activity suggestion.  (If I'm wrong, let me know and I will add them in.)  I also don't think our main focus here is creating a professional looking garden, from a gardening website.  Perhaps these guys need to find the appropriate carnivals to participate in.

(note about ads... the ads/images are here more for your visual enjoyment than to sell you items... only click on them if you are interested in the item!)

What I believe we'd like is to get down to business... to read about the ins and outs of homeschooling as is demonstrated at Why Homeschool where Henry & Janine's daughter write about how their homeschool co-op has changed over the years.

 We want to be inspired by posts like this one by Courageous Jane who presents Fearlessly and Without Regret posted at Courageous Jane Homeschools.

Also of particular interest to me is How To Master Quadratic Equations  by Denise, posted at Let's Play Math!.   A couple of weeks ago, James Tanton launched a wonderful resource: a free online course devoted to quadratic equations. My daughter and I have been working through the lessons, and she loves it!  (Off all the homeschool crisis we experienced over the years, Quadratic Equations, was certainly a biggie!)

If your homeschooler has a particular interest with words and vocabulary,  you won't want to skip  The Vocabuverse: The Cleverly Devised Poetical Dictionary of Mostly English Words by Kerin Gedge posted at The Vocabuverse. Here's a clever and fun way to build your vocabulary!  It really is!

If penmanship is something you are trying to get under control, you will want to read. Help Your Child Develop the Correct Pencil Grip found at  Reading-Writing-Learning.   In this post, the importance of an easy, efficient pencil grip is discussed. There are drawings to show how pencil grip develops and what an efficient pencil grip looks like.

You will also be interested reading, Sales of Home Education Tools on the Radio at Barbara Frank Online  that demonstrates Big-city radio ads for home education tools showing what some public school kids' parents are doing.

Since the 4th of July is just around the corner, Mindy Hoffman's DenSchool - Independence Day CLIP (Creative Learning in a Pinch)  will help you find activities, snacks and fun to help celebrate the Nation's birthday - July 4th!

You may also want to take a peek at a post I wrote as I approached the end of our final school year, Three major things I wish I had done differently in our homeschooling journey found here at Notes from a Homeschooled mom.  I almost ALMOST wish I had another kid to homeschool so I could "perfect" my homeschool regimen!

Let's not forget discussion of homeschool issues that keep us on our toes.

Elena LaVictoire of My Domestic Church presents 5 Things to consider before putting your homeschooled student into regular high school.  A lively debate has begun in her comments section that you may want to consider also reading.  You may even want to weigh in.

You don't want to miss reading on The Romeikes Should be Deported at Alasandras Homeschool.  This post may not be the post popular in the homeschool community, but it is one of the most informed posts on the subject to date.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to touch the heart of the homeschooler.

Dawn Perkins  presents Grace, Kids, and Outward Appearances at The Momma Knows Blog in which she discusses: Our kids need to seek the Lord’s best for their lives. They need to know what it is to live a life in Christ, and to not be so separated from the real world that they are shocked to inaction when they encounter it. We don’t do our kids any favors by keeping them inside bubbles. We need to extend the same grace to our kids that we extend to others in any other situation.



Barbara Frank said...

Thanks for hosting and including my post. Will promote on Twitter.

Oh, and congratulations on joining the ranks of retired homeschool moms :)

Dawn @ The Momma Knows said...

Thanks- I'm happy to be in the Carnival this time around. :)
And you're a retired homeschool mom? Congratulations!

Alasandra Alawine said...

Thanks for including my post.

I am looking forward to reading all the post you have assembled when I get a chance, thank you so much for hosting.

Happy Elf Mom said...

Awesome job! :)

Karen said...

Thanks for hostessing this week!

I haven't read the blogs yet, just wanted to tell you that I had the exact same problem, those spammers, especially that RUDE au pair and child care woman!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's let future carnival hosts to handle them firmly!


Kerin Gedge said...

Hey, thanks for posting my link :) Have posted your HTML to my site!