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Monday, September 09, 2013

Having kids in college is wearing out my nerves

... And I thought teaching them was taxing. From dealing with son's financials, which are a mess due to late application and etc over the summer, and dealing with daughter's roommate issues, I am exhausted.

Son's money is straight now and he will have his cash for the semester shortly.  Next year, I will just save up money over the summer and skip the loan.  I'd rather be broke for a minute than to be treated like I am trying to get a handout when I am still paying back the stinking loan, so that is that.

Daughter's roommate moved out before you can say "hello, my name is..."  As a mom, I was pretty unhappy, seeing as they met last winter, hit it off, and decided to pair up.  But ex roomie wanted privacy, and they are still friendly, so that is that.

Hopefully new roomie will be quieter than my kid suspects cause little homie has a scholarship and needs quiet study time.   On the plus side, my kids are having an easy time with academics so it's all good.

Now I need to get a life, so I can stop hyper-focusing on theirs.

1 comment:

Happy Elf Mom said...

At least the academics are taken care of... and you spent HOW many years on those?

I'm sorry about your daughter's room-mate but I was concerned for a minute she was violent or given to drinking/guys in the room sort of thing. *whew* Hope the next one is quiet as well.