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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Your character will be judged by how you respond to disappointment

Sometimes things won't go your way.  How will you respond? What will your reaction say about your character?

My daughter spent 6 years in a homeschool drama program.  For the program to be successful, parents needed to be on board and needed to each have a role in keeping it successful.  Some years I was the parent organizer.  Some years I was in charge of costumes.  I did the job I agreed upon regardless of the role my child received in the play, even though there were plenty of times I was less than enthused about it.  Meanwhile, from time to time, there was a parent who backed out of their responsibility usually because they did not like the role their kid received in the play.  I had little respect for such behavior.

I think my daughter was in about 11 plays over the years.  In only 3 of those plays did she get a role that she sought and that we as parents thought she deserved.  There may have been one other show where she got a role that was at least interesting.  Still she took the punches like a champ.  She never once complained and always embraced her role.  As her parent, I did my best to keep my grumbling at home, and even out of her earshot.  After the initial dismay and disappointment, I also embraced my role and and did my job.

Sure I could have balked and screamed and walked away, but that would not have been good for the club as a whole.  If every disappointed parent and/or child walked away, the club would have very likely ended and we would have had to search elsewhere for drama club.  Instead, everyone accepted the roles given for the most part, sucked it up, and embraced the show.  Sure, some had less enthusiasm than others, but we did it, and the club continues to flourish.

There are things going on in government right now, that as far as I am concerned directly mirrors such a situation.  But instead of people accepting that the die has been cast and embracing it, they are holding their breath, stomping, and shutting down the club.

They are showing poor character, and yes, I am judging them.

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