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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Change of guard brings in new view on homeschooling

It looks like The View has changed it's stance on homeschooling.  There was a time when Joy Behar would dismiss homeschoolers, and announce they were weird and unsocialized.

Now that Jenny McCarthy is on the panel, now there is real spokesperson for homeschooling on the show.

Don't know that many homeschoolers will respect Ms. McCarthy and her past projects, but I'm glad that homeschooling actually has a younger, hipper, less judgmental face.

This clip has a guest, Diane Farr,  discussing homeschooling, along with Jenny discussing her own homeschooling journey.


Karen Loethen said...

Like Joy Behar ever spoke for me.


Thanks for sharing!

Karen Loethen said...

ALSO, UGH, why should this mother have to explain every single thing to these other people.

Screw 'em.