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Saturday, February 08, 2014

On Being Black and Homeschooling Part 3

Before you read this, I would like you to go back and read parts 1 and 2 of this series.  Part I, On Being Black and Homeschooling written in 2005, and Part 2 Being written directly before this piece.

Now continues part 3:

Over time, the conversations surrounding the 2008 election faded, and I came back to center, leaving behind the edge I felt for being singled out as a misfit black Democrat trying to homeschool my kids among people who were neither of these things.  I never fully felt completely in sync with my previous group of homeschoolers again, but felt comfortable enough to be me, and allow my kids to
navigate this very interesting world, and make their own decisions about their morality, politics, and such, even as these things were affected by those around them.

And then Obama ran for President again.  What little support I had the first time, as a black homeschooler in a predominantly white Republican homeschooling community, voting Democrat again -was gone. Things were less hostile this time, and the main instigator was out of my life, but things were still tense. Politics were not discussed... thank God.... and unfortunately. If I happened to walk up on a political discussion, however, it stopped abruptly, and I sensed a certain iciness.  They "knew" who I was voting for... based on their own assumption... and so I felt very, very, excluded.  I found a little camaraderie in a couple of people who were democrats and proud of it, and it did help me feel a little less alone in the world.

But in the end I mostly shrugged it off because my comfort did not matter.  I was there for my  homeschooled kids, using resources available to them in our community, and who ever didn't like it... they could just....            Anyway....

I'd think that this atmosphere I experienced did not negatively affect my kids. If I felt that it had, I would have moved on, and sought out an Afrocentric homeschool environment for them...

But if you read Part 1 on being black and homeschooling, then you know, that I did not necessarily feel drawn to that.  Nor did my kids.

And now I can finally get to the point that I put fingers to keyboard today.

To be continued....

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