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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bye-Bye favorite homeschooling website

One of my favorite all-time free homeschooling websites is changing.  

Hippocampus.org has been my go-to site for homeschooling high school students for more than 5 years, and as of June 24, 2014 NROC, who supplies the best courses to the site will discontinue their service.  So click on a video today, and this is what you will see for about 30 seconds until the video appears.

As of June 24, 2014 this content from the University of Californiawill no longer be available through this link.
Click here for more information.
Please visit HippoCampus.org to find additional resourcesthat are freely available for your use.

 In addition University of California will be charging consumers to use this service.  Instead they will be charging for each course, for example Algebra II is $19.00 and is is moderated by a teacher, (read-no longer able to be moderated by individual homeschool parents).

Don't worry too much.  There are still a lot of free online sites you can use for homeschooling.  Stay tuned, I will be creating my list of favorite homeschool resources for fall 2014 soon.

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