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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Don't compare homeschooling to public schools

A friend posted about a pro homeschooling article on Facebook today.  I commented, and another friend got her feathers ruffled.  She was bothered (the best that I could tell) that comparisons were being made between homeschoolers and non homeschoolers.  I understand her point, that it should be about educating kids the best you can, homeschooling or not, I get that.  But I also think it is unfair to ask homeschoolers pipe down, on homeschooling statistics for PC reasons.

I requested that the conversation be discontinued as it was happening on someone else's timeline (I hate that), but it did leave me seething.

Now I realize that there is a general consensus that us homeschooling parents are defensive and often demeaning toward those who have an aught with homeschooling, but there is a reason for it.  If it were not for the publicizing of homeschool successes, the practice would have been shut down decades ago before it could even gain traction.

So, while people may sometimes feel like we take it too, I need to ask them to look the other way for a moment.  Homeschooling is still not widely accepted, and we do need to promote it from time to time.  Don't take it personally.

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Karen Loethen said...

I know, right!