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Friday, September 12, 2014

Crazy changes. I can barely believe it myself.

So.  Hubby got a job promotion which requires him being in NYC most of the time.  Wow.

At first, the thought seemed just CRAZY.... but now I am quite excited.  It's not like I am selling my house and actually moving or anything, we will be able to get a small place in Manhattan or Queens and still be OK.

I'm in such an excited tizzy, that I can't express it on the page!

So with that said, I need to get my home organizing project finished cuz I need to start apartment shopping, and deciding what 1/4 of my furniture and items I am going to ship off to NY, and what I will just buy.  This is not exactly what I had in mind when I said we would be downsizing, but I'm gonna be reading a couple of books on the idea... maybe that will help me in time get rid of some things in the house when we eventually do get rid of it for a retirement home.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

THIS is the time to look at all that crazy stuff on pinterest, and construct an entirely elegant set of furniture out of discarded pallets.

Or. This is the time you realize all those projects are never gonna happen and buy new stuff. Congrats!

Karen Loethen said...

MAJOR changes happening!
I hope your brain can get on board because this type of change goes better that way. lol

P.S. Exciting!

usethebrains godgiveyou said...

New York City? I followed Joel a lot of places and never regretted it. Good Luck with all that's going on!