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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Giving away my homeschool books

I picked up the phone today and told a friend to come over with some file boxes this weekend and pick up any homeschool books she wanted.  I'd been giving her all my books one at a time anyway, and since I won't be living here full time,  I decided to turn my home office back into a guest room.

It's kind of bitter-sweet parting with the homeschool books I have accumulated over the years... a few I even purchased after I stopped homeschooling... (hard habit to break). It is bitter because I am done homeschooling my kids.  It is also sweet because I am done homeschooling my kids!

And what books exactly am I giving away?  Mostly standard high school textbooks.  In the end, they are what I enjoyed the most.  They tend to get to the point quickly and they don't cost much second-hand on  We mostly used them as a spine or resource anyway as most of the kids education centered around research and educational websites.
I really preferred teacher
wraparound editions!

I will also be going through all the saved homeschool paperwork and tossing 99% of it away.  I have made portfolios for both of them, and that is plenty of documentation to prove that they did in fact homeschool through high school... plus they are both well into their college careers so aside from a  few nostalgic essays and drawings al the rest is garbage!

It feels really good to do this...  and to be talking about homeschooling in the past-tense... but I can't help but shed a proverbial tear.


Karen Loethen said...

I understand completely!!!! <3

Tonya said...

I am glad that you decided to keep blogging because your voice is needed.