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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving break

My kids are home and I am thankful. There are more dishes, and I have done a lot of laundry (I know they can do it themselves, but I didn't want my laundry room taken hostage for their entire visits).  I have cooked a bit, and I have driven a bit, but they add a great kind of energy to my home.

That is all I am thankful for though. I am mostly sad.

Bill Cosby.


Comments sections.

Politics in general.

I am very disappointed America.

After the break, I am going to start doing one piece of artwork each week.  The daily sketches were more to get me warmed up and to work on some techniques.  Sketchbooks can have some very bad days, and some very good days.  You have seen both. From now on I will be showing a piece that I have conceived, sketched, developed, and completed.  One a week.  Please help me stay motivated!

I am including some of my favorite pieces from my sketch a day series.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

The credit card machine one is my fave. How did you remember it when you got home or did you take a pic?

I am disappointed in America sometimes, too. Please read this poem I love. When I see stories that boggle the mind I do think of this poem.

Ahermitt said...

I took a pic of the credit card machine, then drew it. Thanks.

Ahermitt said...

Thanks for the poem, Mattie Stepanik was wise beyond his years.