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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Carnival of Homeschooling Oct 2015 still blogging!

Carnival of Homeschooling At this point in my homeschooling career, I am 3 years post homeschooling. My youngest child is well into the swing of her Jr. Year in college.  Someone recently asked me why I continue to blog about homeschooling and stay involved.  My answer was, because there are children that would fare better with an individual education. My days of slamming public schooling is long past. I have seen kids do poorly on both sides the argument and I have seen children on both sides do exceedingly well.  But whether people homeschool all the way through, or transition in or out of homeschooling, we need to respect and support each persons decisions.  This carnival of homeschooling features families that utilize or have utilized both homeschooling and traditional schooling. 

With that said, Janine Cate writes A Homeschooler Trying out a Private School at Why Homeschool. In this post, the youngest daughter discusses her feelings about attending private school. 

Homeschooling doesn't just vary from family to family, but also from child to child, the Cate family is still also homeschooling younger children.  Read their post on  Homeschool Materials We Use for Third Grade also at at Why Homeschool

Another must-read homeschool family with children in school, homeschooling, and a couple graduated is Happy Elf Mom. She is the mom of autistic children, and autistic children who homeschool can escape a lot of the stressors that makes life difficult. Read Ask an Autism Expert
at Homeschool and Etc where Happy Elf Mom shares pointers on how to raise an autistic child.

For deeper insight, you will also want to read Homeschooling Woodjie and Horizons Phonics and Reading Review, also at Homeschool and Etc.

If you've ever read Tara's bog, and you should, you will find out that her children used to attend traditional school and decided to homeschool.  Her oldest child is also in college with my youngest (where I met them).  I promise you will enjoy her writing which includes First Day of School at I Might need a nap where she discusses the beginning of her homeschool journey. 

Then, there's A little Writing Assignment where she discuses something that I can especially relate to. (When we were homeschooling we also enjoyed the freedom to take a piano break and play away stress at any point of the day.)  

In his own words is a post that especially touched Tara's heart, and will bring a smile to your face because moments like this are truly a part of the joys of homeschooling. All of these will be found at her blog  I Might need a nap.

For those homeschoolers still in the beginning stages, and deep in the trenches of homeschooling, you will want to check out Leah's blog as she shares lots of homeschool resources as well as encouragement at As We walk along the road. She has shared 31 Days of Literature Unit Study Ideas
which is a series sharing thirty-one great children's books along with activities to extend the learning as you read.

She continues with Keep Kids Reading All Year Long With a Reading Incentive Program which gives suggestions of reading incentive programs that you can use all year long to keep kids reading.

And she also ponders, Should Christian Kids Read Books From a NonChristian Worldview sharing "A look at the types of books that we allow our children to read".  All of these are found at As We walk along the road

Finally, I would like to share some of my own post-homeschool blog posts. Let's start with 

8 Things I would do differently if I was to homeschool all over again is not so much a post lamenting what I got wrong and celebrating what I got right, but instead it is about changes I would make if I happened to have another kid  to homeschool. I hope it helps someone. 

I also added a post to get more ethic people like me to consider the alternative of homeschooling with 
Maybe black parents should really, really consider homeschooling their black sons because it pains me to see these kids failing in school from what I often see as a symptom of low expectations and an overall lack of sensitivity, AND a bad habit of jumping to conclusions.

Finally, I feel like we should not ignore those who were homeschooled and in retrospect are not too happy about it. Homeschooled and Illiterate might anger some... it will definitely anger some, but 
while unhappy post-homeschool graduates may be extreme cases, it behooves us to read some of these accounts and to remember that homeschooling is a task that must be done with due diligence in all areas for the sake of our children's future.  You can find these and more at my blog Notes from a Homeschooled Mom

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Janice Campbell said...

Thank you for letting me know about the Carnival! I especially enjoyed the article about reading books from a non-Christian worldview. Good things to think about!