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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I've been quiet too long

This blog has been quiet too long. That's because I have struggled to maintain any modicum on decorum and composure on the subject matter that has been heave on my heart for the last couple of years, moreso the last six months. Therefore I have stuck to just personal life adventure and anecdotes.  

But. I . Just. Cannot.

One too many black people was shot this week.  Actually, one too many black person was shot a few years, ago, beginning with Trayvon Martin, but I have seriously hit a wall.  Here are some lines from my Facebook page to explain how I am feeling: 

I've been working real hard to find something positive to post today... And it was hard. Nothing but negativity, blatant racism, and dirty politics has graced my feed so far today. Then I found this beautiful video of our First Lady, making a speech to empower girls. I was so happy to find something shareable. Then I made the mistake of reading the comments. Why did someone choose to call her a man? Why? What is wrong with people lately?
 Attacks against black and brown people at an all time high since Trump.
Anyone woman who wears a sign that says "Trump That B*tch" is punching herself in the face.
I have been told that I was spoiling my kids by getting them new and late model cars with perks like OnStar. Humph. While there are some very good people, I'm not going to trust that a stalled car or etc will not be the end of them. I don't ever want them to have car trouble. I'm willing to pay for that.

I feel like we are dealing with ethnic cleansing in America. Does that seem like an over-reaction? This is typically how it starts... a few cases you can ignore. I feel like a victim of domestic terrorism.
People who know me know that I am not a racial type person. You can read my previous posts  on Being Black and Homeschooling to find out that I just want us all to get along... but.

I have come to the strong conclusion that black people just aren't safe, and it starts in the schools. Black children are conditioned to be angry, uncomfortable, and to feel unloved.  They are taught to be the class clowns and the trouble makers. By the time they are adults, they have a chip on their shoulders and an exception that people are going to consider them bad, so why not be bad.

I have a one word solution for this problem.


OK... two words.

To be continued....

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