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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

So close to using swear words... Don't tell me how to feel.

I got a text of Facebook messenger on Sunday, when I was on the way to eat with my family.  Here are are some tidbits.

The note started saying that I posted a story where two people defended two Chinese women who were being racially attached on a train... The story said that this we part of the Trump Effect. I believe it is.   Personally, I would rather be approached publicly where I can defend myself publicly than under the "I love you" guise of friendship... we last talked 2 years ago. 

I'm like... uh... no... I'm pretty sure Jesus ruffled some feathers by not falling in line with leadership.  Otherwise they wouldn't have hung him.  I don't have to respect "leaders who ever they be"... I just need to pay my taxes. 

And this is where they lost me.  For real.  I started spitting and cursing and my son threatened to take my phone and delete the Facebook messenger app!  I don't care how you feel about Obama... really, I don't...  It's good that African American's can admit they don't like him if they don't.... It shows that we are not mindless sheep... however.  You used hate against gays and immigrants to make a point.. and our conversation is over.  I.JUST.CANT.  

There was more to the conversation of course... your kids are awesome, you are a great person, I love you, etc, etc.... but that part about "your character is off right now and you are not acting Christian, was an insult.  Defending people who are currently being beat down on is very, very Christian... I don't care who is doing it or why.  I would rather DIE than look the other way.  

Thank you for reading to the end of this rant. 

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