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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Obama Care - tRumps only chance

People keep telling me to give tRump a chance.  Well here it is:


In anticipation to his inaugur-disater, Republican lawmakers have voted to repeal

Preexisting conditions, keeping young adults on parents plans, pretty much just the whole damn thing.

I hope people are happy, but here's what it means to me.


My mother and several of her sisters died of cancer.
I have polycistic ovarian syndrome
I am pre-diabetic.
I have had a hysterectomy.
(But I am valuable)

I am a bad risk for insurance companies.  If I get sick, I will die. Period.

I have many people in my family in worse shape than me... they have had cancer and are lucky to be alive.  But lawmakers are yelling, repeal baby!

Why? Because a black president is attached to it.  (it is what it is)

Yes, it was imperfect, but it is what THEY helped design.

So tRump... slow down the repeal, and replace it with something that won't make getting sick a gamble.

I never really understood why healthcare is managed by insurance anyway... getting sick in an inevitability, not a game of craps.

Fix this and I promise to capitalize your name appropriately, despise you a little bit less..

Good luck.

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