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Thursday, June 22, 2017

They're not sticking me and they're not cutting me.

I went to the orthopedist today... that's the doctor who takes care of spine and joints. My primary care doctor sent me there a couple months ago. Last time I went the doctor said the problem was not weight related, which is strange because they all say it is weight related. He said that physical therapy would help the problem which he felt was caused in my back... but affecting my leg.

I went back to day for follow up and met with a new doctor. The previous doctor was no longer there. I actually did not see the doctor, but the physicians assistant.  He didn't touch me. He just said that it was time for an MRI and possible injection and then maybe surgery.  I was like... excuse me?  You're not sticking me and you're not cutting me. My leg numbness is getting better and I just want you to address the fact that physical therapy is focusing on a quadrant of my back, and now causing the rest of that side pain... the whole right side to the neck needs addressing.

He was quite rude. When I repeated myself he said "I heard you the first time", but then he was repeating himself about "this is what we do... surgery"... well, dammit... I'm gonna finish up another month of physical therapy, and lost weight because last time I lost weight, this problem went away.

They tell us not to self diagnose, but when a therapy is working and they want to jump ahead, then why should we trust them?

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