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Monday, July 31, 2017

Stranger Prayer

My three-day migraines are an expected inconvenience.  They are hormonal and on schedule. It starts out with some light sensitivity and my back and neck start to tighten up. Eventually, I get a feeling of a spike being driven up my nose. I do my best to hydrate and take migraine medicine, but all that said, I typically survive day 1 intact.

Day two I usually wake up wondering why I am still alive. the railway ties that have been driven up my nose feel like someone is still smacking them with a hammer. If I'm not busy, I spend the day in bed, hiding, but lately, it seems I still have things to do, so I take drugs and keep moving.

Day 3 is marked with an aching head and mental confusion and a bit of eye twitching. I literally don't
know which end is up, but the good news is the headache is beginning to fade. It's usually gone by the end of the day if I eat well and hydrate properly.

So let's discuss stranger prayers. Those times when a well-meaning person asks if they can pray for your... broken arm, leg, worries, pinched nerve, whatever. I have encountered stranger prayer several times in my life... not all of them were strangers though, and that made it worse.

One time a teenage girl was with me (family friend) and using crutches. A group of other teens asked to pray for her and said, did it stop hurting? Can you walk? Her answer, omg, I think I'm better and hobbled to my car without her crutches... that is dangerous, and it could have caused more injury because guess what?  They are not Jesus and could not heal her fractured foot.

One time another homeschool mom asked to pray for my eyes... I was wearing glasses. She asked about my sight, and I explained what I could to her... a bit of a lazy eye, a bit of a stigmatism. I agreed to prayer and she asked, has your sight improved... sure... I lied. After that, every time I saw her I felt the need to remove my glasses.

So when a lovely young man that I know a tiny bit asked to pray for my headache last night (end of day 2) , I replied no.  He was a bit taken aback but I had a headache and hence no humor to play "healed" and be responsible for his self esteem as far as his personal faith was concerned... ya know?

That is all.

1 comment:

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I pray for friends all the time, no dramatic "healing" required. That's GOD's job. I just love my friends. I hope you do feel better soon - likely tomorrow, midway through day 3 huh.

God gives us common sense too if only we will use it. You sound like you have more than most of us. Rest up!