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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Anger and Loathing 30 years post high school and...

This crap happens.  See the letter that I just sent to my high school who took weeks to be able to report that my husband (and I) graduated.

To Whom it may concern: I am writing to request high school transcripts for myself and my husband. We need these transcripts because we discovered that Yonkers Public Schools records department reported that (xxxxxx xxxxxxx 19xx) had never graduated high school.  Upon calling the schools to investigate we also discovered that the records department also did not have my (xxxxxx xxxxxxx 19xx) graduation information.  In fact, it turned out that both of our high school records had the same wrong information. This is incredibly disconcerting to me because it makes me wonder what opportunities I may have missed over the years due to such an error. Unfortunately, when I relayed my concerns to Miss. Dodie who runs the Yonkers records department, I was met with defensiveness and anger. I did not deserve that. I do deserve that my high school information and my husband’s high school information is reported properly when
called upon for a job or background check and our lives not be held in limbo, simply because it is summertime.

Thankfully, Gorton High School came back into session before it was too late and has correct records. However, I am hereby officially requesting that the city-wide record be changed to reflect that we graduated.  Furthermore, since my husband and I had no relationship to each other while we were at Gorton, and both of our records had the same wrong information, I would strongly suggest an audit of the graduation records for 1986 (and perhaps other years) as it is highly likely that other people’s graduation records are incorrect.

Thank you so much for looking into this matter.  Enclosed is $6.00 for transcripts for xxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxxxx graduating class of 19xx, Gorton High school.  We are looking forward to having these back-up documents on hand in the event there is another mix-up. 

ps.  I liked my high school, mostly the teachers, but 3 teachers in particular, and the guidance department made life there pretty miserable.  Also, I have been having recurring dreams for years that I was a few credits short of graduating.  I wonder if they will end now!

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