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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Progress report on house decorating

My bed arrived.... adjustable type... with those new Purple mattresses...  they really do take the stress off of pressure points.

My stools arrived.  Twice. They got lost in the mail the first time, then by the time they got found and got here they were mostly dented up.  Fortunately, there was one in excellent condition because the second set they sent had one dented stool, so between the two shipments, I got a set of 4 nice stools.

My custom cabinets for each side of the fireplace arrived.  I had they custom made and may have a bench/shoe storage thing made for the mudroom.  I am happy with them, but the jury is out on how country they look.... do they throw my style off too much?  I can have the doors changed.

Also, we are starting to put mirrors and artwork in place, not hung, just mostly in place.  I like the stuff here even better than at the old house because the walls are not as expansive for the sake of being dramatic, so everything looks better in this more intimate scale.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I love the colours you have chosen! It was fun catching up. :)