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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Shtuff they try when you purchase carpet.

So it was time to replace the carpet in my house since I moved in 15 years ago and it was in terrible shape.  It did not go smoothly.

First, I went to the local home improvement store warehouse and picked up samples, telling the carpet person that I would want it by the end of the month, they said: “no problem” and nothing else.  I brought the samples home and got opinions and made decisions.

I went back a few days later, and once again told the guy my decision and my timeline and we arranged a measurement appointment. Now, I was apparently there on the last day of the sale, so I paid my deposit to lock it in.  In included “free” installation, and no additional stair installation, and moving of heavy furniture, so I was happy.

The guy who measured was great and we had great conversations while he did it.  He measured 5 rooms and the upstairs hallway and the stairs. He saw what was in each room and what was not in each room.  His estimation for my square footage was the same that I had guesstimated, so that was cool.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Anger and Loathing 30 years post high school and...

This crap happens.  See the letter that I just sent to my high school who took weeks to be able to report that my husband (and I) graduated.

To Whom it may concern: I am writing to request high school transcripts for myself and my husband. We need these transcripts because we discovered that Yonkers Public Schools records department reported that (xxxxxx xxxxxxx 19xx) had never graduated high school.  Upon calling the schools to investigate we also discovered that the records department also did not have my (xxxxxx xxxxxxx 19xx) graduation information.  In fact, it turned out that both of our high school records had the same wrong information. This is incredibly disconcerting to me because it makes me wonder what opportunities I may have missed over the years due to such an error. Unfortunately, when I relayed my concerns to Miss. Dodie who runs the Yonkers records department, I was met with defensiveness and anger. I did not deserve that. I do deserve that my high school information and my husband’s high school information is reported properly when

Sunday, July 23, 2017

That time ATT & Best Buy let someone steal phones on my account

As we were heading out to the restaurant for my son's 23rd birthday, his phone went dead. Since his phone is kinda old, we figured it was a fluke and went ahead and ate. (Side note, if you phone goes dead, call the phone company immediately).  After eating, we got on the phone and called to find out someone had just upgraded my son's phone, and "purchased" two more phones on my account that I would have to pay for.

I caught it quick so it will be OK... but...

Folks are not doing their jobs. That person either had a fake ID or knew my PIN, but probably not both.  Anytime I have to do anything on my account, I have to give my first born's blood type, but this person could waltz into Best Buy and get 3 phones in my name and go about their happy business.... that pisses me off.

But OK... I spoke to pre-fraud and will speak to fraud in the morning.  They re-simmed my son's existing phone so his phone is usable... and the guy at the store had me change my password and suggested I manage my account online... I wasn't sure what he meant, but I figured out how to disconnect and block those phones online tagging them as stolen... I was told don't worry about it, but I could not sleep after reading that someone could possibly use the phones to get into my personal information, so I took my own steps.

So, ATT?  What's up?  Best Buy... Really?

I am wondering if it is an inside job on either side.  My son did buy the phone that is now out of contract at Best Buy... did someone access that info?  Or... did the one of the two people who I upgraded my service with last month (who buy the way did not finish the orders, I had to call 3 time)... did one of them use my info to steal phones.

I would like to know.

oh, and I will be following the steps in this article tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

So close to using swear words... Don't tell me how to feel.

I got a text of Facebook messenger on Sunday, when I was on the way to eat with my family.  Here are are some tidbits.

The note started saying that I posted a story where two people defended two Chinese women who were being racially attached on a train... The story said that this we part of the Trump Effect. I believe it is.   Personally, I would rather be approached publicly where I can defend myself publicly than under the "I love you" guise of friendship... we last talked 2 years ago. 

I'm like... uh... no... I'm pretty sure Jesus ruffled some feathers by not falling in line with leadership.  Otherwise they wouldn't have hung him.  I don't have to respect "leaders who ever they be"... I just need to pay my taxes. 

And this is where they lost me.  For real.  I started spitting and cursing and my son threatened to take my phone and delete the Facebook messenger app!  I don't care how you feel about Obama... really, I don't...  It's good that African American's can admit they don't like him if they don't.... It shows that we are not mindless sheep... however.  You used hate against gays and immigrants to make a point.. and our conversation is over.  I.JUST.CANT.  

There was more to the conversation of course... your kids are awesome, you are a great person, I love you, etc, etc.... but that part about "your character is off right now and you are not acting Christian, was an insult.  Defending people who are currently being beat down on is very, very Christian... I don't care who is doing it or why.  I would rather DIE than look the other way.  

Thank you for reading to the end of this rant. 

Sunday, December 04, 2016

I'm trying

Welp.  I am still not happy and don't know when I will be again.

Is that depression?

Is that anger?

Is that denial?

Am I having a hissy fit?

Maybe one, maybe some, maybe all.

I don't know about you all, but I can clearly see how things will go wrong. We are not dealing in reality and it seems most people don't have the the willingness or ability to see it.  I don't mean to insult, as I have friends who actually want the reality we live in, but my sensing leaves me in a foreboding mood.

A friend told me that he doesn't understand how warm and engaging I am in person because it contradicts with my frank, stern nature online.  I think I am a teddy bear all the time, or at least I want to be, but now really isn't a good time to be a teddy bear is it... and he had only known me for a year, so he missed out on a lot.

Anyway I am rambling!

Two college graduations are getting sooner and sooner... so for us, at least homeschooling works. I think a lot more of us will have to consider it, just for the safety of our children.  I believe that sincerely.

Monday, November 14, 2016

To safety pin or not to safety pin. Is this a question?

This is part of my Anger and Loathing Series re the 2016 election.  Feel free to read my other posts.

So women of all hues have opted to start wearing safety pins in a silent protest and show of solidarity.  We, as women of the Pantsuit Nation have chosen to wear this symbol to let people who need to SEE allies see them.  People are seeing the pins and making eye contact, and smiling, because that symbol makes one feel not alone. I think it is a great idea.

Furthermore, the pin for many is a promise that if they see you being stepped on, marginalized, or threatened that the wearer will step in.  I think it is a beautiful thing.

(The safety pin movement offers solidarity post-election)

But then there's the opinion that the safety pins may not be such a good thing.  (I'm just going to add here that a white man wrote the article and has started the question... and directed it toward white women, the article spoke to both protect and shame in my opinion).  I get his point too....  He's asking people, if you are going to wear the pin, what else are you going to do.  Are you just putting on a pin to make yourself feel better, or will you put your money where your mouth is?  Will you step in and take a punch if it is thrown?  Wearing the pin is not enough... in fact, it is embarrassing, is his point. I think.

Ok, so maybe people didn't think out this safety pin thing too well.  A woman got called the C-word on the way to work... for wearing the pin, and a man spit in her face.  Wearing that little pin is no joke... it is hard.  It makes you a target of friends, family members, and the worst (in my personal experiences) it makes you a target of your friends friends who will come straight for you as they feel close enough to speak their mind, but far enough away to not feel any responsibility for your hurt.  Yes, the pin is a dangerous thing.  (...and I am crying while writing this)... there is gravity here... It is serious.

But still people go too far.  A jewelry maker decided to monopolize on the trend... Unless they are donating ALL the proceeds to planned parenthood or civil rights groups or some kind of protection agency, battered women...something ... shame on them.  (Jewelry maker charges $335 for Safety Pin "solidarity" necklace)

And some people will go farther.  Me, a Christian woman, (while many will disagree) am designing a special pin for myself and the women close to me... I only have it partially figured out right now.  It will have a rainbow aspect to it for LGBTQ but I also want a muslim aspect and a jewish aspect and a BLM aspect too... maybe I will need multiple pins, but I want people to know that I see them, and they are safe with me...  Can I protect them, maybe, maybe not, but I am a safe person to talk to, to find solace in, and I am always game for a hug.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Depression in the 2016 election aftermath

I am deeply rooted in an overwhelming sense of depression.

And I wrote that sentence and let is set for a whole 5 minutes.

I am depressed because I now realize that good does not necessarily outweigh bad.  I believe that those who made this decision may have meant good, but they had to willingly choose to ignore the bad to make this decision... And so the bad wins.

And here are how people are acting since the election.

  • Black people are being called nigger in the streets... and being told to go back to Africa. 
  • Some kids at a school put up signed for colored and white water fountains. 
  • Muslims are being attacked even more than before. 
  • Hispanic children, Mexican or not, are being taunted with "build a wall, build a wall".

... and worse.

And instead of these same good people standing in and saying, this is not who we are, they are instead deflecting with "well you have no right to boycott" and "you're exaggerating".

And as a black woman in America with black children, I don't like people right now.  And I don't trust people right now, and even though I only got out of my bed a couple hours ago, I want to crawl back into it.

So please excuse my angry journaling.  This is how I get over depression... you don't have to read it.  It is mine.

Fortunately, bubbling underneath, is peace, cuz God... and determination... cuz will.  Imma be good... but I need to be sad and bitter for a minute.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Where my faith stands after the 2016 election

First, you might want to read yesterday's post and then come back to this one. (Anger and loathing and the 2016 election)

Second, let me state that my faith in God has not been shaken by this election.

Finally, My faith in humanity, however, has been.

I became a Catholic around the age 5 when my mom married my Catholic Stepdad. My family left the Catholic church when there was a problem with my long-abandoned grandmother decided to divorce. At a more traditional black church I got my hands on a bible... The King James Version....  I was elated. ... and faithful... except for the college years through the early 20's... typical, right? I stayed faithful for many years, but the message stopped sitting well within my heart.  I found myself struggling with depression and eventually realized that it was worst on Saturday night... I didn't want to go. I felt a struggle between the word spoken every week, and my heart.  The words didn't sit well with Jesus' commandment "That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another." And I had to ask myself, time and time again, did this statement show love?  And time and time again, it did not.  Shaming a woman's clothing, shaming a sexual inclination, punishing a struggle with identity, shaming a reproductive decision, (all of which were none of our business) it was just not cool with me. It hurt my heart.

When it came to Christianity and politics, my faith was damaged long ago.  At a homeschool program, where I was minding my business, selling tickets for a show, a "teacher" approached me and said loudly "Are you going to vote for Obama because you're black".  (This was 2008, I am sure I blogged about this).  She followed with "you can't be Christian if you vote for Obama".   Not long after that, a leader in my church (not the pastor), when I said I did not agree with something said, "you can't have that opinion because people look up to you... if you disagree, so will they".  I wasn't done right then and there, but It did not feel right to set  what I knew what right in my heart and mind against "church obedience".  And maybe I'm just not an obedient person.  There's that.  But I feel like I can love God and Love ALL Gods people and at the same time follow the sensitive mind and heart that God gave me. So over the course of some years, my family gave up the status of being Church-going Christians to being unchurched... Christians.

And then there's Trump. I heard more than once that people were voting for him that it is the Good Christian thing to do.  That a good Christian would vote for Trump.  And good Christians were using slogans like "Trump that Bitch".... and I was like... oh-my-goodness.... this is not love.  This is not Jesus' commandment. This is not Christian.  And to add insult to injury, for Christian leaders to get behind him and support him, broke me in a way that is irreparable.

((((I do not believe that someone's private life should be dictated by the church and that it is better to have an angry racist than someone who will give women the right to their own bodies.... whenever a churched person tries to explain their Trump decision to me, this is what I get from it... that Trump is better than abortion... I say, that person's abortion is not your business... love is.))))

  • I cannot participate in a faith based organization that espouses anything but love. Period.
  • I cannot abide a political candidate who thrives on hate and division.
  • I cannot live under a tyrant.
  • And I will not be quiet in the face of hate.

So, you might want to say I am not A good Christian, and I probably am not, not by your definitions, but my faith is in God and my "rules" are in Jesus' last commandment.  If I can do that, I can die with a good heart.  In the meantime, I will live, and reject hate.

The results of this election are the results of HATE. I will fight this, in the name of Love and in the name of God. ... I don't know what I mean by that... but I will fight back.

ps.  Don't ask me to pray for that man.  I will instead pray for the innocent black and brown and gay people and the women who are being physically attacked since this snake reared his ugly head.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Anger and Loathing and the 2016 election

Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 and went to the polls to work to make sure that all my fellow citizens (that I could affect) got a change to exercise their vote. I returned home around 10pm.  I was tired, and after glancing over the results tapes from my 11 voting machines... I was discouraged.  I didn't want Trump to Win...

As of this moment, it seems as though he has.

Inspite of

An active Child Rape case,
Consumer Fraud,
and other scandals...

And I am angry.  I am angry that I processed hundreds of voters yesterday and while some of them were just a-holes toward me, most of them smiled in my face, called me sweet-heart and voted against my best interest. I know that's reaching to expect any empathy, but it does get under my skin.  What I am really angry about though is that I know that countless people, many on my "Facebook friends list" and those who have "befriended" me in real life, voted against my best interest.  I am most upset because the candidate, who would at least preserve my best interest ... for at least 4 years lost... and I don't just feel uncomfortable... (I was uncomfortable with Bush 43, and then voted for him for his second term).... no, I am distraught.

And just in case I haven't spelled it out yet, here is how I feel.

I am a:

Black (The exhausting task of being black in America)

Christian Woman (Here's why these Christian Women Don't want to Live IN Donald Trump's America)

From a family from the South (Growing up Jim Crow)

Who were depressed and depressive. (Racism Breeds Depression and Other Problems)

Due to Institutional racism and Jim Crow Laws.  (Institutional Racism is our Way of Life)

And living in a world where black children are programmed to go straight to prison (Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline)

I have friends, loved ones, and relatives who are LGBT (and/or) Q.  (Christian Parents of LGBTQ Children: The Church has been Wrong)

I am the wife of a black business executive. (Black in Corporate America & So Very Tired)

My birth father is an Immigrant, My beloved Dad (stepdad) is the son of an Immigrant, my husband, the father of my children is an immigrant.  (Trump is against legal immigration too)

I am the proud mother of a young black man (Fact Sheet: Outcomes for Young, Black Men)

And a young black women.  (Black, Poor, and Woman in Higher Education: What I Learned from Graduate School)

This is sum of who I am.

This is my legacy... and in a Trump Presidency, I feel like any ground we have made up under President Obama will be lost... socially, at the very least.  And that makes me sad, and angry, and ... stabby.

... and if you cannot relate in a tangible way to any of these issues, you ARE truly privileged, and you probably have no problems with a Trump Presidency.

Don't think I don't understand why you have voted for Trump or for 3rd party. I get it. Hillary was flawed, and like it or not, was attached to her husbands flawed legacy.  There is no way a mere woman who stood for the rights of other marginalized groups could win against a white man... any white man, ever, period.

I think white women have just learned something that all black people taught their children when I was growing up.  It made us kids so angry and we actually rejected this teaching until it was too late. It is this... Black people have to work twice as hard to get half as much.  (Black workers really do need to be twice as good.)  White women, are in the same boat. We all know that President Obama won because he was beyond reproach.  His Leadership and Character Traits were not mouth service.  He was the real thing. To have any candidate for president we need people who are pretty much sainted.  Because if this Moron of an orange human (yes, I said that) can win over experience and diplomacy, we have to admit that the deck is stacked and a penis and skin color and money trumps experience, and positivity, any day, every day.

This is my world... I understand it, but I don't have to like it, and I sure as hell don't need to pray for this presidency.  It is not a sin to pray against something... Christians have been praying against abortion for ages... so....  I am praying for protection of the under represented and the underdogs... so deal with it. Because here is the thing.  I abhor this guy.  He has fueled racism in an ugly, terrible way.  Tell yourself whatever you must.  Blame it on Obama if you will... but this man is a very, very bad man, with very bad ideas. The people from his deplorable contingent is calling him a "God" and a "King".  He is dangerous and I will not get behind him.  I will not.

So please forgive my anger and loathing this morning. But my daughter called me last night with trembling in her voice... so much that I thought she'd been in a car accident.  MY son is in disbelief right now... so maybe your non-ethnic status quo is protected for four more years, but mine is in danger.  Enjoy this. Good luck with that.

But there's always some lemonade to be made from these freaking bitter lemons.
My daughter told me last night that she is now a political activist.  We can't fight this stacked deck by just voting. We need to get out and participate.  We must act.  I am now a political activist too.  I just need a moment to find out where exactly I stand and how I will proceed.

Oh, and to anyone who thinks a Trump Presidency will bring some kind of white utopia and he will give back in any way???  You've been scammed.  Trump is all about himself and no one else.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Anger and Loathing with AT&T

I tried to handle this privately.
(update at bottom)
I tried to work one on one with AT&T, but after 9 hours on the phone with them, 90 minutes at a time, and after they all but welcomed me to try to work out my problem on my Twitter feed :( It is clear that I have no other choice but to blog my issues.

Hold onto your hat.  This is going to be a bumpy ride!

So let's try to start at the beginning, shall we?

Back in late July, when it was almost time for my daughter to return to college, her cell phone broke.  Her cellphone is on a 3 year payment plan, and we all know cell phones last 2 years tops, but fine...

I've been quiet too long

This blog has been quiet too long. That's because I have struggled to maintain any modicum on decorum and composure on the subject matter that has been heave on my heart for the last couple of years, moreso the last six months. Therefore I have stuck to just personal life adventure and anecdotes.  

But. I . Just. Cannot.

One too many black people was shot this week.  Actually, one too many black person was shot a few years, ago, beginning with Trayvon Martin, but I have seriously hit a wall.  Here are some lines from my Facebook page to explain how I am feeling: 

I've been working real hard to find something positive to post today... And it was hard. Nothing but negativity, blatant racism, and dirty politics has graced my feed so far today. Then I found this beautiful video of our First Lady, making a speech to empower girls. I was so happy to find something shareable. Then I made the mistake of reading the comments. Why did someone choose to call her a man? Why? What is wrong with people lately?
 Attacks against black and brown people at an all time high since Trump.
Anyone woman who wears a sign that says "Trump That B*tch" is punching herself in the face.
I have been told that I was spoiling my kids by getting them new and late model cars with perks like OnStar. Humph. While there are some very good people, I'm not going to trust that a stalled car or etc will not be the end of them. I don't ever want them to have car trouble. I'm willing to pay for that.

I feel like we are dealing with ethnic cleansing in America. Does that seem like an over-reaction? This is typically how it starts... a few cases you can ignore. I feel like a victim of domestic terrorism.
People who know me know that I am not a racial type person. You can read my previous posts  on Being Black and Homeschooling to find out that I just want us all to get along... but.

I have come to the strong conclusion that black people just aren't safe, and it starts in the schools. Black children are conditioned to be angry, uncomfortable, and to feel unloved.  They are taught to be the class clowns and the trouble makers. By the time they are adults, they have a chip on their shoulders and an exception that people are going to consider them bad, so why not be bad.

I have a one word solution for this problem.


OK... two words.

To be continued....

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The "move" back from NYC (More Anger and Loathing)

UPDATE: There is a God in heaven.  I was contacted by the insurance adjuster.  I will get cash value for my broken items. Wow.  ...wonder why???...

Sept 30... 2nd update.  Insurance appraiser came by today... I think he is going to recommend they pay me to have the sofa repaired, but the rest, I might actually get paid for.  We shall see.

Final update:  I got a check for 1135.  Enough to get someone to repair some items (they will never be the same) and to replace my desk/console.  These guys are the worst. Everything on their website is a lie.  They went out of their way to try to rip me off and when I did not fall for it, they purposely destroyed my stuff.


Yes, we moved back from NYC and ended the adventure, that's a story for another post.  In the meanwhile, the moving company decided to keep things interesting.

I'm gonna be petty now and copy and paste my claim for my broken items.

(leaving out personal information)

The company in question:  Citimovers (why do they have citibank's logo?)

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.36.12 AM.png

This is the final estimate based on numerous calls and measuring all boxes and bins. The quote should have been accurate. The only things not measured where the tables and sofa, but I described them well, and they supposedly has software to give an good estimate of size for these items.  Some of the items on this list was eliminated by packing in the boxes also.  However, the movers demanded $700 cash from my husband when we were supposed to be giving $500 cash based on this quote. $100 as we new it had been charged to our credit card (we discovered later it had not).  Half the quote in cash or check was required at pick up... Unforuntately, we had packed the check book.  They were hostile and argumentative.  

(including bank statement showing $500 taken from ATM)
I worked with the office after several stressful conversations and some arguing and the deal was struck that husband should pay the $500 and we would pay $746 and drop-off. Cash only.  I chose to get a money order instead. The movers told my husband we would have the items in a few days.  

Transgressions upon pick up of items:
  1. Aggressive and threatening in nature.
  2. Pretending to be unable to communicate to get my husband to sign paperwork without explaining anything.
  3. All of a sudden could communicate well when they tried to demand more money and a tip.
  4. Very slow move supposedly in order to make sure everything was well packed and safe (that was a waste).
  5. Overall unprofessional attitude.  One worker in particular I believe a manager got into a screaming match with me.  The next time I called back, he attempted to provoke another argument.
  6. Tried to charge me $1400, a 40% mark up based on square footage.  Since only 2 items had not been pre-measured, this change was aggregious.
  7. Tried to charge $85 for having to walk further to the truck... they were parked at the end of the walk.. As close as one could humanly get to the back door.  It was not the 50+ feet they claimed.
  8. Final cost was $146 more than the quote, but that was only due to a great deal of negotiation and assistance on my part
  9. Used blackmailing type language and strong-arming tactics, The first manager I spoke to, the one who kept arguing with me told me that they would hold my items in storage unless I paid the higher amount.

It took several more stressful conversations to get an answser on delivery.  The items were finally delivered on the 12th.  

The results were devastating. Everything.  Every case good.  Everything that was expensive.. Was broken. The T’vs I HAD PAID $80 FOR THEM TO CRATE, the sofa, the TV console, the lamp... broken.  A  more detailed description will follow.

But I will pause here to say this. I Don’t feel like the damage was accidental. I feel like it was crimnally destructive due to tense conversations I had had with people who worked there.  I did not lie down and let them walk over me. They retaliated by breaking my items, probably as they moved them into the bigger truck or when they remeasured everything as I insisted to get a more fair quote.  

Transgressions upon drop off of items.
  1. I was promised I would get a call a couple of days in advance of the move. That did not happen, even after me following up numerous times.
  2. Movers dropped things off the truck and whenever I pointed out something was broken they said “i don’t work for this company” or “sorry, not my fault”
  3. Only two guys, one of who stayed in the truck.  He as dragging my items down the full length of the truck, and the other person was dragging my items into the garage.  This is probably why the arms of the sofa are now loose... two people should have been carrying it at all times, if not more.
  4. $80 worth of crating 2 TVs was a holely blanket, a peice of cardboard and some tape.  Yes. Both TVs are broken.

Sofa sectional



ARM SEPERATED FROM SOFA further damage to be assessed.  Hardware seems to be missing.  Purchased 1 year ago. $999 Bella Storage Fabric sectional from 212 modern 244lbs (I witnessed movers trying to move this item without assistance, further damaging it)
$147 would not get close to replacing or repairing this sofa, not to mentiont that as far as I know there is a $70 cap on each item.  Not acceptable.

Floor Fan

After... it’s flat. The dome is damaged, it has been crushed.  $3.00 will not replace this fan.  VALUE $30

Floor lamp

Lamp in far right corner.
Torn apart and dented.  Not reparable.  Stand also no longer stable paid $69.99
22lbs.10 oz one year old. $13.20 will not replace this item

Coffee Table
Damage to coffee table
IMG_4992.JPG Leg gouged... (need to check for more damage)
Purchased 1 year ago at full price $829  120lbs (Melamine and steel)   $72.00 is insufficent comensation.

Console table
Ripped to shreds $199.00 60lbs  $36.00 is insufficent compensationf or breaking this peice that costs over $200.

Small TV
Barely crated at all. $200 TV
9lbs  $5.40 is insufficient for breaking this item.

Large TV
Legs ripped off back of TV. they didn’t bother to screw them off to “crate it” i.e. wrap it in a blanket. $600 TV  32lbs ($19.20 is insuficient compensation for breaking this TV.)

Ice Bucket/Table  (top tray missing?)

This items used to be round... as you can tell by the round thing I placed on top of it (iron ring) that it is now misshapen and the sides are terribly beat up. The tray top is also missing.  45 lbs  $27.00 is insufficient for breaking this item.  This is a rare item and to get anything like it would cost $150.

I had two tea trays... one is Missing:  Here is my receipt for the missing one.

(sales slip omitted)

In summation, these are the items that are broken, damaged, or destroyed. Some of them are not reparable at all.  I WAS NEVER OFFERED full price replacement insurance... I have only heard of this after the fact.  I did however initiate and ask for (COI?) insurance as my apartment building required. The insurance documents are also below.

Based on my calculations, the company is offering me less than $300 for over $3000 worth of items ($3108 TO BE EXACT) , most of which are under 13 months old, seeing as I purchased them a year ago specifically for this apartment.

I feel they owe me replacement cost of the items mentioned PLUS ALL of my moving fees returned because they destroyed the items I spend $1247 to move. The moving company in question has been trying to scam me from the second they got my items on the truck. They were perfectly tolerable and agreeable up until that point.

I feel the damage to my items has been purposefully negligent due to my not folding under the pressure of a price increase. Furthermore, the items I packed in bins are in perfect condition. The items they were supposed to protect for the move... ALL OF THEM, are damaged.

I feel there is a greater liability here.  

Thank you, and I am looking forward with getting this resolved in a more amicable matter than I have been experienceing.

Next step, better business bureau.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Anger and Loathing... period.

This month has certainly raised my blood pressure.

It started when we decided to not take the new apartment in NYC, and instead to fold back and go back to GA full time, for family reasons mostly. Hubby's company was great about it.  We lost some money with the apartment complexes (just this moment realized I have not gotten my deposit back from the new apartment complex.)

The biggest headache came from the movers who pulled a big time bait and switch, and the then destroyed our belongings like a gorilla destroys a suitcase.  I wrote a review... and I am working on the issue... lawyer involved.

The theatre show I am currently costuming, and my daughter in is ... stressful.  But the costumes are great, and the actress is pretty good too... photos later.

I found myself also working on set with a children's theatre camp, while my daughter worked on

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Anger and Loathing... at the thrift store.

Update: Sept 2016.  Better. The main person that seemed to be sending employees over to specifically police me is gone. The still do things like act like the customer being there is keeping them from getting their jobs done... but the harassment has waned.

I left a yelp review today.  Not something I do very often.  It is for:
134 S Clayton St
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Here it is.  They really made me lose my cool this weekend.  They suck. 
I shop here regularly because I make costumes for a not-for-profit. I usually donate the costumes I create. This store gives me the best bang for my buck, and I tend to find interesting pieces. However, the staff makes me not want to come back. 

I feel like they see customers as a hinderance to doing their job. They are busy forcing as many items onto the rack as possible and if you are flipping through a rack, they will just push by you and close the little opening you have made to look... sometimes catching your fingers.   They might say excuse me, but it is after they have pushed your cart into your stomach. They are rude and downright mean. 

The final straw was this past Sunday. I had been shopping for an hour and had grown tired. I'd heard them announce many times to not put hangers on the floor, and to take the items off of hangers before coming to the cashier... I know the drill, I have been there many times.  I found a quiet corner where I could do this job of separating the clothes from the hanger and I was berated in a hostile way.  They