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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Notes for today: blogging to learn & then some

I mentored a homeschooled boy a couple of years ago who had a lot of work to do in the language arts area.  In a very short time, we (his mother and I) managed to turn him into a very good writer.  He was soooo good in fact that his college essays were primarily the factor that got him into college.  How did we do it?  We encouraged blogging.  So when I came across this site today, I had to recommend it to you.  

Stop homeschooling preschoolers!  Let them play and they will learn.    At most, get them some games that are educational in nature. 

The first step to winning a debate is to always respect your opponent.  I don't think we can call what was on TV last night a debate.  ...And then there's rule #4.  Don't confuse passion with hatred.  I think maybe we should bring debating back into childhood education. 

Another case of schools over-reacting: "A few weeks into the school year at Jordan Middle School, school officials took note of Colman's medical history, information that eventually was shared with another Jordan parent whose two children have classic cystic fibrosis and are predisposed to chronic lung infections. "The school district freaked out," Colman's mother said."  And asked him to transfer to another school.  The family is homeschooling until the issue get's straightened out.  Read more:  Once again, people have to realize that schools are not interested in what is best for the individual student.  Sometimes what is best for the school, school districts, etc, can be very detrimental to the child.  This is why the option to homeschool is so important. 


Thursday, October 04, 2012

Cranky until further notice

I'm really in a mood.  There's just a lot going on right now and I am morphing into "her".
"Her" is my cranky alter-ego who "goes there", and people really don't like to deal with her.  So until further notice, the beast is out, and "sweat Andrea" is on hiatus... unless seriously needed.

Here's the things that are contributing to my crankiness.

1.  The Election: As a voter and human being in these United States of America, it just burns by britches, that I am surrounded by what I perceive as idiots. Sheep. Cattle.  I hear people talking about politics all the time but not one single person is saying anything that I didn't already hear on TV.  Original thought.... anyone?

2. The Election:  As an area manager for elections in my county, I am gearing up and getting workers ready for the election.  I am working my behind off, for what seems like a good wage for one day of work, except that I am putting in hours and hours and hours of "volunteer hours" in preparation for the

Friday, September 21, 2012

Plan it out, don't be a bone-head

On Tuesday mornings, my daughter has to be on the other side of the county, 35 minutes away by 8am.  If she is in the car by 7:00- 7:10 at the latest she can drive.  If we don't make it to the car until 7:15-7:20, I have to drive.  Why?  She's a new driver and I don't want her to feel rushed.

Now, when we leave the house at 7:00 am, we get to the homeschool program almost a half hour early.  If we leave just 10 minutes later, we are just on time, if not 5 minutes late.  The trick is to beat the school buses.  If you don't leave before the school buses get on the street, the commute can take as long as an hour on the wrong day, but get on the road before the school buses, and we get there quickly.   A little planning makes all the difference.

So this story makes me sick.  A Cleveland driver has taken to driving on the sidewalk to go around the school bus (it does take a while to load handicapped kids).  Then her mom makes excuses saying the school bus takes too long.  But she is speeding on the sidewalk next to a daycare center.  So here's the deal...  Leave the house 10 minutes earlier and guess what?  That school bus won't be there.  It's so simple.  So now that lazy chick is in hot water, deservedly.

In life, you just have to be purposeful.  It's not really about school buses and traffic.  My email tagline is "A vision without a plan is an illusion".   In other words, you can have all the hopes and dreams that you want, but winging it is not going to get you there.  Whether it be homeschooling, being a writer, being an artist, or being an accountant.  Daydreaming is not going to get you there.  You have to sit down, make a plan and stick to it. You have to plan your life down to the minute.  You have to pick your friends carefully.  You have to pick your activities carefully.  You need a game-plan.  Then, you need to review and revise often.

...because if you don't, get pushed to the wire and end up making bone-head moves.


Monday, August 06, 2012

Gabby Douglas, Hair, and Homeschooling

Gabby Douglas, the athlete who just won multiple gold medals in the Olympics is a buzzing topic right now... because of the state of her hair. Wow. This makes me angry because too many of use are out of shape and unhealthy because we are worried about our hair. This young athlete has her priorities in order. Yes, her hair doesn't look like she just came from the salon, but have you seen how far that child can fly!