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Monday, October 18, 2010

Some things are more important than curriculum

I am still tweaking the kids' language arts curriculum because I feel like they need to spend more time on writing and less time on following someone a curriculum word for word.  It drives me crazy that I spent so much on a curriculum that was just wayyyy more than I was looking for.  It is really more of a worldview religion course than a language arts course... so I need to extract the language arts parts and have the kids focus on writing good essays. 

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Japanese via YouTube

Learning Japanese via Youtube

Like many teenage girls her age, my daughter has a thing for Japanese music.  I don't get it... and neither does anyone else in our family... except her cousin, but she loves it.

As she spends all of her free time watching Japanese pop groups, and was beginning to pick up Japanese words, I told her to start a japanese notebook, and translate a new song each week.  Ha!.  Japanese 1... check.

I will follow up with an online Japanese 1 program that has an assessment test.

She is 3/4 through Spanish 1 right now, but instead of doing Spanish 2 next year, I will let her continue with Japanese.    

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