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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dear blog Spammers, You are getting on my last nerve

 Let me start by saying that I hate deleting blog comments.  Lots of comments make my blog look all lovoed and stuff.  But that fuzzy feeling of seeing 4, 5, or 6 comments isn't going to keep my from hitting that tiny garbage can icon if I must.

When you read my blog post, if you actually read it, at the bottom you will see the words that say "spam free comment"... so what makes it OK to leave your spam?  I don't like it.

Let's look at today's spammers for example:

Rosetta Stone:  Really?????  You can't afford to buy an ad?  I'll gladly sell you an ad.  Why should I find three blatent links to your site in my comment box when I wake up this morning.  Don't you see my side bar where people actually respect my blog enough to purchase a stinking ad?  And... I'm cheap.  Plus, I like your product.  If you'd ask, I'd go through my blogs, find everywhere I mentioned your company, an put a stinking link... for next to nothing.  Please don't abuse me.

((Now I am realizing that it may be a counterfeit site using my blog to glean traffic from Rosetta Stone.  If that is the case, I am glad I deleted it.... and I'll do it again.  But if the real Rosetta Stone wants an ad... hit me up. ))

Order paper:  If you think for a minute that I am going to leave links to a site that takes money from lazy and or stupid students to do their work for them, then you are even dumber than the students.  Period.  Don't even ask me to put such an ad on my site.  It wont happen.

Joomla templates:  Your half hearted comment was a nice attempt.  It is clear you never even read the blog post. You website is nice too, but if you want to use my site to funnel traffic to your company, then you need to pay... m-Kay.

My readers deserve more than your spam.

Take care.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Spammer

Apparently, my blog has caught your eye.  FYI.  I love spam.... to delet it that is.

So, if you are commenting for the pure purpose of getting traffic for your list site, online diploma mills, or to sell your stuff...  you can leave comments if you want, but you are wasting your time.

Thanks a bunch.

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