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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finding some joy on an otherwise sad day

On this 12th anniversary of 9-11, I am feeling traumatized by the media's insistence to replay footage.  Turning on the radio or the TV and seeing footage as if the planes are just not striking the building is very hard to digest.  I wish they would at least lower the original dialogue and talk over it so it doesn't feel like real time.

I will never forget, but If this causes me to re-live it, what about the people who experienced this in person?

In other news, here's a completely unrelated video clip that brought me joy today.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Homeschooling and proud

A homeschool friend had this on her Facebook page.  My daughter was gleefully happy about this image and asked that I buy a poster for her dorm room.  She is homeschooled and proud, regardless of what the outside world thinks about homeschoolers and their capabilities.
On one of her college applications, my daughter was asked to write a "fictitious" letter to her roommate letter he know what kind of person to expect.  My child proudly wrote a diatribe about how homeschooling had shaped her personality and all of the nerdy goodness her roommate was in store for.

The image above is in line with what my daughter feels are some of the many benefits of homeschooling.  It's kind of true.  The child owns a dagger, a sword, and a couple of Epee's ... and she knows how to use them.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm not afraid of the stink eye.

Stink eye
This morning as I was trying to lay down the law for my daughter to stay on schedule, I noticed she was tuning me out.  So I said to her, "let's play a game....  let's play I'm the momma."  I got the stink eye.

Later in the day, I was talking to her through her bedroom door and she said something I didn't agree with.  I replied "you're ridic" (as in you're ridiculous.)  She opened the door and exclaimed "NICE, mom"... then I thought about what I'd just said.  Say it out loud.  I dare you.  It sounded like I called her a really bad thing.  I collapsed in laughter.  I got the stink eye again.   I'm probably too old for cool abbreviations.

My son gave me the stink eye just once in his entire childhood.  He was about seven.  The problem with his stink eye is that it looked exactly like my stink eye.  So when he did it I told him, "you can't scare me with my own face".  He never tried it again. I miss him.  That's not to say my daughter isn't perfectly lovely.  We're just at that stage where two "women" have trouble living together. One of us may have to go.


Monday, July 09, 2012

The Dangers of Homeschooling

 Staying in the theme of my last guest post, here is a fun video called The Dangers of Homeschooling.  Enjoy


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Homeschool Blogging A-Z: W is for Waving at the bus

When we started homeschooling many years ago, we also started a tradition of waving at the school bus.  At first, we would wave and smile while mumbling the word SUCKERS!  but my kids began to get rude about it, so I had to squash that part.  Now we just smile and wave and maybe say something like "better you than me".

Having ridden the school bus for 2 years before quitting school, my kids are truly glad to not have to crawl out of bed and onto a bus with kids, many of whom were not very pleasant, especially in the morning.

Speaking of waving at the bus, this kid (and his bus mates) must be the ONLY kids alive who enjoy riding the school bus, thanks to this wacky dad's antics. 

WalletPop Contributor
Brighthub Contributor

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Homeschool mom vices (pot smoking homeschooler?)

Is this a joke?

I don't know if the Andrew Sullivan blog is a parody blog or not, but I stumbled upon this post about a homeschool mom pot smoker this morning.  I mean what sane person would out themselves like that... but if they smoke pot regularly then maybe their sanity should be in question. 

It got me wondering if I had any vices that helped me gain my sanity at the end of the day.  The only think I could think of was blogging... and maybe the occasional mega sized bag of chocolate when I am a little stressed.  When they are really rowdy... I go to sleep early.  No medicinal drugs needed here... though high school math could make you consider it. 

Do you have any special vices that make homeschooling easier for you?  I would love to know.


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Monday, May 18, 2009

Education funny

Thanks to Joanne Jacobs for posting about this homeschool funny.

Teacher takes a new approach to combating grafitti.

Instead of painting over it, she corrects the grammar.

"Hey, Tagger!" she wrote. "We'd like you to work on your grammar, please! Your tag SHOULD read as follows: Where are the female dogs?"

If schools had more teachers like this, we'd probably still have our kids in school.

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