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Sunday, August 03, 2014

I can use some help promoting my other blog

So, while I was homeschooling, I also worked from home as content writer for numerous websites.  When the economy went bad several things happened:

1st: Web writing became popular and I noticed a glut of new available writers began to lower the amount of money I could make on my articles.

2nd: The writing on the web became bad. All the new writers in the market resulted in quite a lot of poorly written articles.

3rd: The web revolted.  Good in particular thought up PANDA which resulted in "Content Mills" as they were called being being penalized.

This all resulted in a long slow decent of the industry.

It seems the final foot has fallen, and Yahoo has closed Yahoo Content Network and Yahoo Voices.

The good news is that they returned my 1800+ articles to me.  They didn't have to, but they did. (I've been writing for them since 2006.) So here's where I could use some help.  I am creating a blog/website to feature all of my best articles. I am letting the duds die!  (When you write that many articles, you regret a few.) In time I plan to add other writers, ... just a few, don't want to anger Google! But for now, I need readers for my articles to get them back in circulation!  Take a peek, and if you like what you see, please share it.

Thank you.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Working while blogging while homeschooling

Indulge me a bit while I remind you that homeschooling does not have to mean giving up all possible income. It is possible to make money while homeschooling at the same time. For instance I get paid to blog for about my homeschooling experiences for pay. I also submit articles and video clips to associated content. While I do not make a full time income, I make enough to pay for plenty of extras. In fact, it is enough money to cover the cost of my children’s extracurricular activities like swimming and pageants. Then there are sites like payperpost that allows me to write an occasional advertising blog.

For people who feel that being paid to do an advertising blog is not something they would do, payperpost has recently introduced a new opportunity that will allow you to be paid while still writing from your heart. (see the post below, it is totally unobtrusive) All you have to do, if you are not interested in straying from your usual ramblings is add a simple badge to the bottom of your blog post.

So what are you waiting for? Visit payperpost and check them out. Whether you are looking to make a few bucks off your regular blogging, or “selling your soul” for advertising, you will not regret it.