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Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Opening Day!

It is opening day for You're a Good Man Charlie Brown!

here is a picture of taken last Sunday as the stage and scenery are being prepared.
It is great to see my son enjoying working together with his peers and becoming less and less shy and withdrawn.

(contrary to popular belief he was more shy and anti social BEFORE he began homeschooling.)

Right now he is at his academic classes, two of which he will miss because he has to go over to the other church where the play is being held. They will do a full run through rehearsal (each cast) for which my son is the lighting tech. Then the show starts promptly at 7pm. I am so excited for the kids... unfortunately I will miss opening night because I have two kids and my daughter needs to be somewhere else... but I will see the show on Friday night and the Saturday matinée show... I really want to see both casts do it.

I hope I remember to take more pictures!

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