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Monday, November 29, 2010

Special Cyber Monday Kickoff offer from National Geographic

Notes from a Homeschooling Mom is pleased to have the opportunity to participate in a bit of Cyber Monday Madness.   The products in question are of course, educational and will benefit your child greatly. 

 You will have the opportunity to purchase  products where you can personalize Atlas books for your child. You can upload your child's/children's photos, see & choose from several different personalization options (ranging from where the child/children go to school, information about their pet, things they love/enjoy & more), and also write a dedication and then see your final product online. 
So take a minute to check out the personalized National Geographic Kids Atlas of My World "personalized" discount promotion.  The discounts offered are as follows:
  • 50% Discount plus free shipping on Nov 29 & 30 & Dec 1 with "personalized" Notes from a Homeschooling Mom blog discount code:  nfahm50gift

  • 25% Discount plus free shipping on Dec 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 with "personalized" Notes from a Homeschooling Mom discount code: gift25nfahm
 The code discount code will be active from 12 noon November 29 until expiration of the programs mentioned above.

If you twitter, you can follow National Geographic Kids on twitter: @NGKids and you can friend National Geographic Kids on facebook:

Disclosure:  While there is a contest involved for bloggers, I have not been paid for this blog post.  I am participating because I believe this discount will be valuable to my readers.  

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What about the Prom? What about it?!

I spent the morning searching for a dress for my daughter to go to the spring formal.  It is open to all of the high school homeschoolers that attend 2 local Arts and /or Academic programs, so there will be plenty of kids she knows there.  She just finishing her freshman years so she is not worried about a date, nor did she get a typical full length prom dress, but the dress certainly is pretty.  Maybe I will post a picture later. 

My son is passing on the event ... we may have to FORCE him to go next year when he is a Junior.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Homeschool must see: Little House on the Prarie, the Musical

I recently found out that Little House on the Prairie had been revived as a musical starring Melissa Gilbert as Ma.

If your daughter (or even son) is anything like mine, she has read every little house book written. Mine read not only the Laura Ingalls series, but the fictional prequels and sequels (not written by Laura Ingals Wilder). She knows the story from the Great, Great, Grandmother down to Laura's daughter.

If you follow a classical approach as we do (very loosely) then this story is well suited for anyone studying the the late classical to early modern time period.

Pair the studying of these novels with enjoying the musical and you have enriched the historical experience for your child.

You don't have to be a homeschooler studying a specific time period to enjoy the play though.

Little House is playing all over the country and may be coming to a town near you very soon.

If you are reading the books and/or plan to the show, you should make use of the STUDY GUIDE


ST. PAUL, MN 10/13/09 – 10/25/09
NASHVILLE, TN 10/27/09 – 11/1/09
LITTLE ROCK, AR 11/3/09 – 11/5/09
SPRINGFIELD, MO 11/6/09 – 11/8/09
TULSA, OK 11/10/09 – 11/15/09
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 11/17/09 – 11/22/09
ST. LOUIS, MO 11/24/09 – 11/29/09
DETROIT, MI 12/01/09 – 12/05/09
TEMPE, AZ 12/08/09 – 12/13/09
DENVER, CO 12/15/09 – 12/27/09
FAYETTEVILLE, AR 01/05/2010 – 01/10/2010
OMAHA, NE 01/12/2010 – 01/17/2010
MADISON, WI 1/19/10 – 1/24/10
TORONTO, ON 1/27/10 – 2/28/10
TAMPA, FL 3/2/10 – 3/7/10
NAPLES, FL 3/9/10 – 3/14/10
RALEIGH NC 3/16/10 – 3/21/10
APPLETON, WI 3/23/10 – 3/28/10
SPOKANE, WA 4/8/10 – 4/11/10
SACRAMENTO, CA 4/14/10 – 4/25/10
HOUSTON, TX 4/28/10 – 5/9/10
DALLAS, TX 5/11/10 – 5/23/10
SIOUX FALLS, SD 6/1/10 – 6/6/10
Ft Worth TX 6.8.10-6-13/10

(more dates may be added)

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Using Halloween Costumes for Drama Club

I spent the whole day on drama club duties. The homeschool program my kids go to is having three plays this year. The first on is Secret Garden, the second is Once Upon a Mattress Jr., and the third is a musical called Just So.

Our first play is coming up fast so I have to collect all the fees, order all the t-shirts, and arrange for rehearsal meals, cast dinners, and parties. When I wasn't doing actual drama club duties, I was scouring websites for costumes for the productions. For the second play especially, Medieval, Renaissance, Lord of the Ring, or Maid Marion Halloween costumes will serve our needs just well. I especially like the one in the above image.

I realized that Halloween Costumes make great drama and play outfits last winter when my daughter was in the Bugsy Malone Jr. Play, we were able to get great flapper outfits for the showgirls, as well as gangster outfits too. I noticed that the halloween costumes are of much better quality that what was available when I was a kid. In fact, many of them can be washed and worn again and again.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Don't forget the socialization!

My kids are in an upcoming production of Bugsy Malone Jr. So I may be pretty scarce next week and they will be spending hours and hours in rehearsal and then they will have 6 shows from thursday until Saturday night.

I am very excited and nervous and trying hard to not let my daughter (who plays one of the showgirls) to see my nervousness. My son is doing sound for this play, so I guess I am not as nervous for him.

I love the fact that homeschooling allows my kids time to do fun thins such as this that they also learn real life lessons from.... and don't forget the socialization!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Opening Day!

It is opening day for You're a Good Man Charlie Brown!

here is a picture of taken last Sunday as the stage and scenery are being prepared.
It is great to see my son enjoying working together with his peers and becoming less and less shy and withdrawn.

(contrary to popular belief he was more shy and anti social BEFORE he began homeschooling.)

Right now he is at his academic classes, two of which he will miss because he has to go over to the other church where the play is being held. They will do a full run through rehearsal (each cast) for which my son is the lighting tech. Then the show starts promptly at 7pm. I am so excited for the kids... unfortunately I will miss opening night because I have two kids and my daughter needs to be somewhere else... but I will see the show on Friday night and the Saturday matinée show... I really want to see both casts do it.

I hope I remember to take more pictures!

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