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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Why I blog about homeschooling

I am not awake right now. I am sound asleep.

How am I blogging in my sleep you may ask? Easy, because I just stumbled upon a tool that allows you to blog in my absence. How cool is that?

"This Internet thing is wild." (Tay Zonday)

Anyway, in my last post I introduced a contest and I asked my readers to tell me why they blog about homeschooling (or education).

I figured I might as well tell why I do it.

I blog about homeschooling because I am a learner by nature. In fact, I am a kinesthetic learner. I learn by doing. So I started my homeschooling blog so I could record everything I learned, to cement it in my head and keep a record. I continued my homeschooling blog because now that i know what I know, I can't keep it to myself. I love sharing homeschooling encouragements with people who are on the fence, or don't know what to do. I love visiting with other homeschoolers through the electronic exchange of ideas.

Like homeschooling, I just like it.


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I came across your blog and thought I would share why I homeschool. You can see the many reasons why at

Dana said...

That is why I blog about homeschooling as started out just sharing lesson plans and now has more to do with discussing news and opinions. It is strange how a blog develops over time!

Principled Discovery

Anonymous said...

Let's see... I blog to record some of our work... to make a "living" scrap book for the kids.

It is also so nice to see what other homeschooling families are doing - get ideas - and get support when we are "stuck" on something.

Homestead Mama