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Thursday, December 06, 2007

NFAHM: The Lost Files


Prologue : I wrote this poem halfway through the first year of homeschooling. It is specifically about my daughter who was the main reason we started homeschooling when we did. I thought it made a great prologue.

They Said She Couldn’t Learn

They said she couldn't learn; wouldn't learn.
Perhaps she shouldn't learn.
Let’s medicate out of concern,
so she can't disturb the others.
There’s something wrong inside her brain.
Others are just the same.
We must label them all in the name
of education for all - except her.

I did not listen for she is mine.
Though she tires me, I will take the time.
She tests my patience,
but it is not a crime to be so energetic.
Now I sit beside this child.
She is unruly, and often wild.
But on her face, there is a smile
that melts a mother’s heart.

I now know I've made a choice,
to let a little girl keep her voice.
Someday a nation will rejoice
instead of just her mother.
She will grow up free to be herself,
her inhibitions upon a shelf.
With no one to blame,
except oneself and me, if she falls short.

Responsibility I will gladly take,
as the other options, I did forsake.
In her education, I did partake,
for she is mine alone.
The system could not have known
what hides inside of her.
Now look how she has grown.

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Chili said...

Thanks for posting this--it's great!

Renae said...

What a beautiful tribute and a great reminder when things get tough. Thank you for taking the time. Your love does make a difference in the life of your daughter and it encourages me.

Peace to you,
Life Nurturing Education