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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Do Politics and Homeschooling mix?

I have been hesitant to mention who I plan to vote for because for me politics is not something I like to discuss with homeschoolers. Let's face it... Homeschoolers are passionate people. When we believe in something we champion it. We fight for it. We will argue you to the death. Politics was not something I wanted to get into. Still as a homeschool blogger,it is difficult to segment my life and to keep my political affiliations separate from who I am as a person, and who we are as a family.

Politics and homeschoolers have to mix if homeschooling is going to be a cohesive life endeavor. After all, politics is a part of life.

Who am I going to vote for?



My reasons are emotional, intellectual, inspirational, reasonable, and necessary.
Sure, as a conservative Christian who also homeschools, there are things I don't like about Obama... his stance of Abortion for one. It is a hard pill for me to swallow. Still, when compared against McCain, I have to look at the whole picture. I made the mistake of voting for bush on just one or two Christian related issues. I can't be that ignorant again.

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Dawn said...

He's a great candidate. If I were American I'd be voting Obama too!

Anonymous said...

Wow, not only am I dumbfounded but I am shocked to see someone from a home schoolers perspective voting for a RACIST, NON CHRISTIAN, ABORTION SUPPORTING...LATER TERM ABORTION SUPPORTER, EVER GETTING THE SUPPORT of a person who has values and expects the best for their children and the nation. This man OBAMANATION is clearly funded by the Chicago Mafia and is the farthest thing from what America needs. Especially anyone who supports homeschooling. Obama thinks mid westerns are still clinging to their guns and far as I can see that would include all our constitutional rights...which him and his wife seem to admittedly oppose.

Ahermitt said...

That is the most uneducated comment I have ever have only repeated all of the lies and hysterics that the conservative media wants you to believe... I should know... I am generally conservative.

Racist? Hardly
Non Christian? Wrong
Abortion supporting... yeah
Mafia? Ridiclous

I don't agree with his views on abortion but also believe you have bought into the fear mongering on that as well.

At the end of the day, As a homeschooler who has struggled and sacrificed to get her children to adulthood, I don't want them killed off in a war with no end.

And that is why I support Obama...Why do you support MCcain?