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Monday, June 29, 2009

My comments on Ramifications of Homeschooling

My comments on Ramifications of Homeschooling

Commentary on video in question:... Playing with other children, Engaging aspects of childhood was something we were unable to do because of lack of seeing children outside of their families. Homeschooled kids face the same consequences. A child who hasn't effectively learned how to deal with childhood conflicts cannot deal with adult conflicts. A child should become and active member of an organization that offers compromizing skills such as girl scouts, boy scouts or some form of sports in their community. Anything of this nature would improve the outcome. In my school, we spent most of the day praying in church and in class. Who is to say that in Homeshchooling, the children are receiving a full education which I even lacked in a paraochial school?

My response:

So that was a little clip from a vide from Doris Anne 13, and I'll put the link somewhere... over there. Umm, and someone just sent me this link and I was like ... It's late at night, I was like getting my last wind before I went to sleep. I was just flipping through the internet and someone sent me this link, and I had to get out of my bedd and come into the bathroom to make a video response because it just couldn't wait until morning. So anyway, Miss Doris Anne wants to change the face of homeschooling and she gets her theory from her own personal education.

Ya'll, She went to Catholic school in the 1950's. And so basically she says that because she didn't get second things because she was in catholic school in the 1950's, that it equates to what homeschoolers are not getting. Let me tell you what... I want to catholic school too... in the 1970's. I got a very good education. I left Catholic school in the 8th grade and went to public high school and did extremely well. But, getting there alive... was half the problem... Let me tell you what! Those Catholic school kids were brut-al.

So, umm, you can't equate homeschooling school today to parochial school in the 1950's. You can't even equate homeschooling today to parochial school in the 1970's. Um, I lived in New Orleans in the late 1990's early 2000's and I watched catholic school kids get on and off the bus every day. They were completely off the chain! They were completely out of control. You can't even equate homeschooling to day with parochial school in the late 1990's early 2000's.

So let's just say that Miss Doris Anne's view of what homeschooling is is antiquated at the very, very, very, best. With that said, someone with her veiw point and rigid opinion who hasn't even bothered to look into homeschooling any deeper than to say, "well, I didn't enjoy my catholic school education, so homeschoolers are not enjoying their education ... please be quiet.

I mean yeah, I guess that's rude but ...REALLY? That is just so uneducated. It just comes from a place of personal predjudice. I mean, come-on. I got my butt wooped almost everyday in catholic school, but I am not going to tell another parent that they cannot bring their kids to catholic school, should they so please.

I got into a couple of fights in high school ... kids today when they get into the same fight they get cut and shot. As a matter of fc, my younger brother who was behind me 8 years in public school did get cut. Well, yeah, I'm from NY and maybe the area is a little toughter than it is here. I guess what I want to say is that when people upload crap like that, they re not really researching well because she talking about some judge who says kids are getting emotional neglect and education repsect and the whole deal.

All of that stuff has been blown out of the water Ya'll. The socialization myth is a myth and not more than that. M kids socialize so much that I struggle to find time at home to actually do the school work.

I don't know... thank you to the person who sent me the link ... but what a waste of breath! Great Scott! Anyway, I guess that's all I have to say.

More commentary from video in question:
blah, blah, blah, educational monitoring system, blah blah, state to state. More of my experiences can be found in my book, The torment of the Modern secluded... something.

More from me:

The torment of the modern secluded what? So you see what I mean, I mean, Ms Doris Anne Bellieu is trying to sell a book. I don't know who she is speaking to. I don't know what choir she's preaching to. There are alot of people out there who re threatened by hhomeschoolers... because children aren't being CONTROLLED and they aqren't all thinking alike life eveyrone else. I don't know. Im m going back to bed,,,.s ee ya'll later.

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Mrs. C said...

Hello! You will enjoy this link about the same book. I'm hearing from the post that the Obama administration actually gives her some cred.

Great Scott indeed!

The link is from March, but the discussion is still relevant. :]