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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Got a little ticked off today

 I'm tired of HSLDA telling homeschoolers how to think.  I am even more tired of people thinking the way they say we should.

I don't care if you hate Obama or not... I don't care if you want healthcare or not.  But I do want you to read the bill and make the decision to call your Rep yourself.

Read more about my rant here:

Homeschoolers against the health care bill?
 The HSLDA made no qualms that the organization was anti-Obama during the election.  They are continuing the trend with opposition to the healthcare bill.  The message, mailed out to homeschoolers all over the country today, encourages  homeschoolers to call their US representative and say the following (while not identifying yourself as a homeschooler):... continued

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1 comment:

Farrah said...

Its funny....we teach our kids to study history and science and to be informed about the truth, but then when it comes to everyday things and our own lives we go back to following the crowd. People please read and continue to make your own choice. If you agree, agree, if you don't, don't, but please stop following the crowd and think for yourself! Thanks for sharing!