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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Pants on the Ground and All That Jazz

Mrs. C got me started. She wrote a post about saggy pants which don't bother her much, and that's great.  But they irk the heck out of me.

I had to weigh in on the matter.  Here is what I wrote on her blog:
I can't handle seeing saggy pants. They were in "style" when I was in college... two decades ago. I didn't find them sexy then, and they are certainly not cute now.

My biggest problem is that the trend started in prisons because prisoners could not have belts should they decide to off themselves or someone else. So these fools (sorry, don't have a better word for it) get out of prison and keep wearing their pants beltless, and their shoes without strings... and even stupider kids say "hey" I'm gonna dress like that too.

Now the whole country is walking around with their pants down. 

But I was only getting started.

Black, white, or indifferent... I find saggy pants to be disrespectful. (There are some styles that sag in the butt but still come up to the waist, and that is OK with me)  Guys showing their underwear disrespect themselves, their parents, and women.  Maybe I am being harsh, but follow me here.

First let's take the fact that saggy pants originated in prison.  Even for ex-cons.... I must ask, at which point do you remove yourself from the prisoner.  If you have served your time, why wear your clothes as if you are still there?  And if you are still there on the outside, aren't you still there mentally?  It's no wonder so many people end up back in prison.

Now let's look at the physical aspect of wearing your pants beneath your butt.  If your pants are beneath your butt in the back... where are they in the front.  Visual picture anyone?  If your butt is exposed so is your frontal region.

My kids and I saw a young man in front of Target a few years ago.  A typical guy with saggy pants realized his shirt was inside out and backwards and took it off in front of the store to correct the mistake.  When he took off his shirt, it was clear that his pants were belted on his upper thighs.  Beneath that was a thin pair of boxer shorts.  There was absolutely no mystery.  I was feeling mischievous and said to him, "hey, your pants are down", as if he didn't know.  He was not amused... and neither was I.

I have to add that as a black mother with black children, I don't believe that saggy pants is a black thing... it is a class thing.  Not socioeconomic class, but rather a lack of style and etiquette.  However, many people look at young black men who it is assumed started the fad and think, "typical".  I don't ever want anyone to decide my son is typical with one glance.

Furthermore as a mother of a black daughter... I defy anyone to come to my door and try to date her with his pants belted below his butt and nether regions... it shows a lack of respect for himself, and the girl he is with, if  he can't tuck his package away in public.

But then that's just me... maybe I'm crazy.

Ps... here's a video for you to enjoy.


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Mrs. C said...

Thanks for the linky love!

The baggy pants thing is not my fave fashion statement, but I feel the ladies wearing the low cut jeans with their actual HINEYS sticking out (and thong underwear eew)is even worse. I certainly don't go 'round looking for ladies' cleavage when I go out, either, but it seems I see a lot of that, too.

I agree with you that this is NOT a "black thing," and I have to wonder if the senator involved in the sag campaign doesn't have bigger fish to fry and things to be concerned about. I told my husband about this and he said that if you are only concerned with the big things, the little things will never get done.

He has a point. :)

Ahermitt said...

Let's not forget the muffin top with the low rise ladies pants... those pants are not made for all shapes!

mavibu said...

One of my proudest moments (sadly) was when my then 21 year old son said, "I finally realized how stupid it looks," after having "sagged" himself (much to my consternation) for years! It makes me want to run them over when I see a dumba** running across the street holding his pants up. I with you, Andrea: I DARE some guy to EVER show up at my house to see one my girls wearing saggy pants!

kayem17 said...

When I used to teach middle school, I would tell my students all day to pull up their pants. I remember one boy came in class and I could see his dirty underwear. I told him, "I don't want to know you that well."

He was so embarrassed that he pulled his pants up and always made sure to do so before he entered my classroom.

I keep hoping that this trend will go away, but, alas, it's still here. But it's one trend that my 2 sons will not partake in, nor will my daughter date anyone who does!