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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Planning it out with Google Calendar

I tried out a couple of homeschool planners this summer.  It turns out that I like a sugesstion another blogger made better. Renaissance Mama reports that Google Calendar makes an excellent homeschool planner.  It makes so much sense, especially, since I already use Google Docs for online notebooks so the kids can submit essays to me and I can mark corrections on the page, and we can go back and forth. 

My method of using Google Calendar so far mostly resembles the way Lora from Simple Homeschool uses it. It makes sense to play around with it and find the method that works best for you.

For end of year transcript I have also found that a simple template from microsoft works does the job. 

I sure many of the homeschool planners out there work fine too, but I am such a Google addict, and I am so familiar with the tools, I figure, why bother with learning something new?

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1 comment:

Tammy Takahashi said...

We really like Google calendar, too. Our schedule changes all the time, as do our goals and projects, and Google handles it all very well.

Great suggestion!