Tuesday, September 04, 2018

We tried two more home meal plan kits... we have a winner! Dinnerly? Hugry Root?

If you read my previous post on home meal plans you learned a couple things:

1. I hate to cook.
2. I hate to cut vegetables

You probably didn't know that I also hate to shop for food, which is why I kept ordering these meal plans...  And now that I have been trying them for a couple of months... I have a winner because taste is more important than convenience.

Photo of Amazon.com meal plan
So the Home Chef vs Hello Fresh contest went on for a minute, but the cost was a bit much. Since the portions are plentiful, I hacked Hello Fresh by getting the two meal plan for 4 people and adding an extra side dish of potatoes or salad.  Easy.  We really should talk about hacking these meal plans...

I was still whining about peeling and cutting and making ribbons out of vegetables and was curious about vegetarian offerings.  My husband had the brilliant idea that he could grill meat on the weekend, and we could add these to the Hungry Root plan, so I ordered it. Umm...

Well, how should I put it.  YUCK.

Let's me try that again.... fortunately, I ordered more desserts than meals, and to chocolate chip cookies were nasty, to me, hubby, son, and daughter... I had a couple friends over who don't eat much sugar and they are their kids loved them, so that tells me that if you don't already eat vegetarian and low sugar foods that you are not ready for Hungry Root.  I tried the other offerings and they made me remember that I am sensitive to soy foods.  Oops.  Those meals were pretty much wasted because I did not feel well after eating them.

Finally, I got up the nerve to make the two servings of Brownies... we have a winner... they were not disgusting!  I have probably had the final cookie mix too long to cook.  I just can't do it.

So for us... Hungry Root is a loser.

So who won?

Dinnerly.  Here's why.
1.  Just a little less work than Hello Fresh and Home Chef.  Recipes are limited to 5 ingredients and 5 steps.  That made things a tiny bit simpler.
2. Half the price... literally.  It comes to about $5.00 per serving vs approximately $10.00 per servings of the other meals.

This is important to us because my family rarely finishes the food, (adult kids living their own lives) and if food is going to be wasted, it can't be $10 per serving!  We will probably be switching to the 2 person meal plan soon.

Of course, we lose some perks when the price drops in half.
1. You have to print your own menu cards or read from the computer while you cook.
2. The food is not separated into meals... you have to figure it out for yourself.
Besides that it is the same...  well, there's more ground meat and more pasta, but my family is more likely to eat that anyway.

So what will probably happen is more salad, and continuing the Dinnerly plan with the 2 person plan instead of the 4.

I hope my rambling was helpful to you.  I really dislike taking time to do this chore called dinner preparation, but I also hate serving my family garbage.

ps.  Here is a coupon for Dinnerly.  ... while they last. Enjoy.

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