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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Carnival of Homeschooling: Back 2 Home 2010

Carnival of HomeschoolingWelcome to the August 17, 2010 edition of carnival of homeschooling.  Let's start with a little housekeeping. Please, Please, Please, promote the carnival on your blog. If everyone participates, then everyone will benefit even more. Failure to promote the carnival may get you excluded from future carnivals. (I know I wasn't afraid of using the delete button.) It wouldn't hurt to use the graphic either.. it is here: 

Now on to our back 2 Home... school edition... hope you enjoy the personal photos I have enclosed. 

My family just completed our first week of back to home... school for the 2010-2011 school year. Today is actually the kids' first day back to their homeschool program which meets once a week on Tuesdays, giving me time to work on this carnival. When back to school time starts, it is inevitable that a neighbor will corner me on the subject.  Today, my neighbor caught me outside and our conversation immediately went to schooling.  He was very excited about a new charter school in our neighborhood and thought I should send me kids to it.  Read more about it as Andrea (me) presents charter schools versus homeschooling posted at Notes From a Homeschooling Mom 

 Janine at Why Homeschool certainly makes the most of back to school time, even though she can't avoid it altogether.  Janine presents The First day of School at Why Homeschool.

The beginning of the school year also has Wendy at A Divine Calling musing a bit.  Enjoy her post Why we homeschool as she shares reflections on her families homeschooling journey and on the many " reasons why we choose to homeschool our children".

Not all of use are done with summer yet.  Read more about it as Margaret at  Two Kid Schoolhouse presents Why camp counts in my homeschool, saying "Things my kids are learning at camps this summer and why I count them as "school."

My kids and I on a trip to California... homeschool travel is cool!
Jeanne  may never be ready to start the school year as she easily combines the school and summer seasons while participating in Family Travel, Homeschool, Education & Global Students - Soul Travelers 3 posted at soultravelers3, saying, "We love combining travel and homeschooling! We have been traveling the world as a family non-stop since 2006 on just 23 dollars a day per person and are monolinguals raising a very fluent trilingual and triliterate. Here is our view on why homeschool & travel makes for a well prepared global citizen of the 21st century."

For those of use who don't have wanderlust, or just can't make it work, don't forget to take time to contemplate the night sky with your kids like Cristina Payne who presents Getting Close with Space posted at Home Spun Juggling, saying, "Spending one on one time while watching for meteors"

During the day you can contemplate nature like Pamela Jorrick who presents A Frog A Day... posted at Blah, Blah, Blog.

It's no wonder Mobius can present Home Schooling Children Have More Joy posted at Home Schooling Resources.

Not only do homeschooling children have more joy, but they get to slow down and observe the world around Them.  You can enjoy Sebastian's observations of Post Rockwell's Realism at Percival Blakeney Academy.

Homeschooling allows so much flexibility in every aspect of learning.  ChristineMM displays this in  Places We Learn (aka Do Homeschooling) Under Our Own Roof posted at The Thinking Mother, saying, "ChristineMM of The Thinking Mother shares photos of places her kids learn in their home since there is no actual "school room"."

My kids enjoying Atlanta Botanical Garden a few years ago

There was a time when such a conversation with my neighbor would really rattle me, but not anymore.  Us homeschoolers are used to criticism, such as the type Alasandra addresses in  The Great Flip-Flop posted at Alasandra's Homeschool Blog Awards.

If you need a bit more reassurance, read this post from ~Kris~ who presents Top Ten Homeschooling Words of Wisdom posted at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Library visit
As you begin a new school year, be sure to go beyond academics like Jennifer Lavender who presents School Motto posted at Princess Momma as she lays a spiritual foundation for her homeschool.

Once that is done, you can explore goals as Lynn presents More Goals posted at Eclectic Education.

Classes may be all taught by mom, or like Carol J. Alexander who presents Homeschool Writing Classes posted at Everything Home...with Carol, co-ops and outside classes may be the order of the day.

Also... Denise presents FREE Homeschool Blogging Correspondence Course posted at Blogging 2 Learn, saying, "If you live too far away to join our homeschool co-op, your student can still take my blogging class..."

For my family, classics are a huge part of the homeschooling curriculum.  Take a tip from The Homeschool Librarian who presents Little House on the Prairie: another look posted at The Homeschool Librarian.

Denise presents Math Clubs, Math Circles, and the Richmond Math Salon posted at Let's Play Math!, saying, "Give your student a positive experience with math by starting a math club. Here are a wealth of tips and sample activities."

Old homeschool Chorus Picture

Let's not forget those subjects that while they are not exactly about homeschooling, they certainly affect it.

Linda Dobson presents Need Money? Become a School Turn-Around Expert: No Experience Necessary  posted at PARENT AT THE HELM.

Barbara Frank presents  They Don't Teach This in College   posted at Barbara Frank Online

Finally, Jason Koeppe - IntelliCorp presents Home Playground Safety Checklist posted at InTouch & Informed Blog, saying, "Nothing soothes a parent more than the sweet sound of children swinging, sliding, giggling, and having fun in the backyard. Use this simple playground safety checklist to help make sure your home playground is a safe place to play. Each year, more than 200,000 children go to U.S. hospital emergency rooms with injuries associated with playground equipment."  So be careful out there.

That concludes this edition. If you notice an errors or unfair exclusions, please email me at ahermitt@gmail.com.  To be included in the next carnival, submit your blog article to carnival of homeschooling using our handy, dandy carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our  blog carnival index page.

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Marbel said...

Thanks for doing the carnival. Looks like a good one!

jugglingpaynes said...

The carnival looks great. Thanks for including my post!

Alasandra said...

Thanks for including my post. I am looking forward to reading the other post.

Karen Lange said...

Thanks for all you do for homeschoolers!

Barbara Frank said...

Thanks for hosting the carnival....btw, I love your blog background!

Snarky said...

I recently started a grammar blog for students, using real-life grammar bloopers as a teaching tool. I'd love for your kids to contribute their favorite grammar goofs.