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Monday, February 21, 2011

Tapping Into Their Genius

From the time  I began homeschooling, I always worked from the premise that my kids were gifted... that they had genius potential.

Hearing a mom say that surely has many rolling their eyes, but I have always felt that every child was gifted at .. something.  It is up to the parent and educators to help them find what that area of giftedness is and to bring it out.

Over the years I have become frustrated with people who told me that my child wasn't ready for this or that based on their age or based on what other kids were doing.  It seemed strange to me that I was homeschooling and that people still expected me to follow the crowd.  It has been hard fighting a tide of when a child is supposed to do what and when, but as the parent and educator is has been my goal to and my responsibility to advocate for my children and to get them the resources they needed.

I wish I had met these people (The Staffords) a few years ago and known that they had a program to help parents accelerate their kids.  (I was aware of them, but not the program Mrs. Stafford is running.)

My kids are almost done homeschooling, but I will glean what I can.  Meanwhile, I feel this is important information for all of you homeschoolers with younger kids.

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Sher said...

I have been seriously considering homeschooling my daughter for those same reasons. She is behind in her reading and math and all they keep telling me is that she isnt up with her age group! But they arent doing anything to help her along. I just want her to learn at her pace and not be left behind, which is what I fear is happening.
Thank you for posting this information for a mom who is considering homeschooling.

Carletta said...

Kudos to you for working to meet YOUR child's needs. I totally agree with you that all children are gifted.