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Monday, June 20, 2011

Homeschooling does not have to be expensive.

Note:  The inexpensive curriculum I purchased for my nephew were "Teacher Wraparound" editions of public school textbooks.  These books have the same page the student's edition would have, but it is a bigger page with notes written on the sides and bottom to give the "teacher" information on presenting the material to the students.  A highly involved parent with average intelligence can easily teach from these books. 

Just search for "teacher wraparound" on with the subject you need.  Here's an example:

ps.  Older editions, USED, cost just a few dollars plus shipping. 

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Happy Elf Mom said...

I LOVED this video (except for the sound in some places). This idea of elitism in homeschooling is something I'd like to hear more from you about. Are you saying this is a classism OR is it the richer people wanting homeschool to be mostly middle-class white stuff so that they can face legal challenges more easily? What do you think is going on here?

Ahermitt said...

Sorry about the sound... yes, I do feel like there are people who don't want poorer and needy people to homeschool. First, they may need help. Second, it may mess with homeschool stats as these kids may struggle more... but if they are struggling, what better reason than to homeschool.