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Saturday, June 18, 2011

On Homeschoolers Promoting Homeschooling

I came across an article this week on homeschoolers promoting homeschooling, written by Sam Blumenfeld.  From what I can tell, he is a homeschool curriculum provider and speaker and homeschool conventions.  In the article, he suggests that Homeschoolers actively promote homeschooling through numerous channels.  They include having a homeschool book exhibit at the local library and  getting to know the local media, among other things.

I have to applaud his effort, but as a parent who has homeschooled for over 8 years, I suggest a different approach.  In my experience, nothing has won people over to homeschooling better than setting an example.  By simply homeschooling my own kids, appearing "normal", and having my kids thrive and turn into productive young adults, I have seen more people warm up to homeschooling and even consider it as a valid educational option. Sure it takes time, but it wins them over for good.

Sure, you can take promoting homeschooling on as a project, and try Mr. Blumenfeld's approach, but it seems very stressful, and you will need to do a lot of work to convince others to homeschool and to keep them on board.  Furthermore, it will take precious time away from your children's homeschool journey.


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