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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

5 iPad Apps for College Freshman Preparation (Guest post)

I thought this guest post was especially relevant because many of our kids are taking college level tests and CLEP exams.  We don't have to wait for college to take advantage of these "college apps".

The iPad is such an amazing, new tool for education. Many homeschooling groups are now using this tool to supplement traditional book lessons. In addition to complementing current class content, the iPad can also help incoming college freshman prepare for their first year of college.
The following five apps are perfect for helping high school seniors prepare for common first-year college courses.

College Algebra
This app has received top ratings from users who say that it helped them get through their college
algebra class. Designed to replicate the math classroom experience, the College Algebra app includes an entire year’s worth of college-level algebra concepts and presents lessons through video examples, interactive practice problems, self-guided tests and summary “handouts”. The app can be purchased through the Apple iTunes store for $9.99 was created by

College US Govt 101 (United States Government 101) Flashcards

Available for download for only $1.99, this app was designed by Menteon Learning and is a perfect review of the average US Govt 101 course content. The app includes over 1,000 flashcards that are organized by chapter. Flashcard content was provided by scholars, and users given the app top ratings for helping increase their test scores and understanding. The app also includes an assessment tool that helps track your progress.

College Physics 1
For students interested in advanced science courses, College Physics 1 is a great app to prepare you for your first physics course. The app contains nine chapters and 81 flashcards, covering all of the most important formulas that students will need to know to pass the course. Figures are included to aid in explanation of concepts and answers. The College Physics 1 app can be purchased at the iTunes store for $1.99 and is provided by Pilipala.

AP Language and Composition Ace
This app describes itself as the “#1 bestselling on-the-go study solution for the AP Language and Composition exam”. However, even for those taking the exam, it is a great tool to prepare for college-level English and research writing courses. With over 100 flashcards and hundreds of example questions, the AP Language and Composition Ace app also helps you pinpoint areas where you struggle and that you need to work on. The app can be purchased on iTunes for $9.99 and was created by Wasabi Ventures, LLC.

Spanish Class
If your child plans on continuing their Spanish lessons throughout college, they can use this app to prepare them for their first semester of college-level Spanish. This app is described as a “total course” that includes over 4,000 words and a complete coverage of all Spanish grammar. Users can also test their knowledge through writing and image exercises. Available for download for only $3.99, the Spanish Class app is provided by Ceardannan.

Angelita Williams is an education blogger who loves writing about all the latest online learning trends in the industry. When she’s not writing articles, Angelita is probably trying a recipe from her library of cookbooks. You can reach her at


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Paul Schrader said...

I recommend NotesDeck for notes!!! Notes show up on all devices instantly (iPad, Mac and iPhone) and it syncs with Evernote and Dropbox so all notes from other apps are already in it.

It's much cleaner than that yellow Notes app. Much more professional.