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Thursday, August 09, 2012

This blog is not for homeschoolers, per se

Every year when blogs are ranked and the top 10 homeschool blogs are chosen, I get a little (a lot) insulted that I don't rank amongst homeschool blogs.  That means other homeschoolers really don't find me all that interesting.  But, I guess I always new that.

I moved this blog to a homeschool blog site many years back, but only for a short while, because I realized that I was not being read.  I was preaching to the choir.  I really didn't have a whole lot to offer that wasn't already being offered in that environment, so I moved back to blogger.

 I am not saying that I don't think my blog is useful, because I know it is.  It is just a whole lot more useful to the homeschool-curious and to brand new homeschoolers than to established homeschoolers. Based on the notes I have gotten regarding my homeschool blogs over the years, it is clear that people just starting on their homeschool journey appreciate my blog and are even encouraged by it.  So, that is good enough for me.

As my blog shifts this coming year from being ramblings of a mom in the midst of homeschooling to being a veteran homeschooler here to encourage those who come after me, I promise to stay loyal to those who need the most encouragement.  There is really no need in me echoing the sentiments and trying to give instruction to those homeschoolers who already have found their way.  I know who my customers are, and that consumer engagement is very important to me.

That does leave me with some questions though.  If you are a regular reader to my blog and are encouraged, please let me know.  Also please ask questions as I try to focus this blog to be less self gratifying and more encouragement focused.



Happy Elf Mom said...

Your blog needs to go where YOU are. And homeschool blog or not, you always have a new and relevant perspective on things. You are not just preaching to the choir. Some of those kinds of blogs are um... well-favoured. But I don't read them. I like real people.

I don't mean to even recommend what you ought write about. Sometimes the wisdom lies in knowing to listen to people further along in the journey than I am, what they find to be the important things right now.


usethebrains godgiveyou said...

I became aware of you through, and had your posts sent to my email. You had so much info about Atlanta happenings, I think we saw the bodies exhibit because of you.

Just little comments made me aware our kids were pretty similar. I found you here and I stayed on, even though we've hit the end of our homeschool career. Thank you for being one of the first influences in my homeschooling. Oh, yes, Kahn Academy...I had never heard of it. We would have used it had I figured it out earlier.