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Friday, September 28, 2012

Homeschooling and proud

A homeschool friend had this on her Facebook page.  My daughter was gleefully happy about this image and asked that I buy a poster for her dorm room.  She is homeschooled and proud, regardless of what the outside world thinks about homeschoolers and their capabilities.
On one of her college applications, my daughter was asked to write a "fictitious" letter to her roommate letter he know what kind of person to expect.  My child proudly wrote a diatribe about how homeschooling had shaped her personality and all of the nerdy goodness her roommate was in store for.

The image above is in line with what my daughter feels are some of the many benefits of homeschooling.  It's kind of true.  The child owns a dagger, a sword, and a couple of Epee's ... and she knows how to use them.


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