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Monday, December 03, 2012

Local School Emergency Drama

This is on the news right now.  There was a carbon monoxide emergency (highest readings the emergency people have EVER detected) at Finch Elementary school.  Most parents found out about it because they noticed helicopters in the neighborhood and walked or drove to the school.  Some kids and teachers were taken to the hospital, the rest were bus on a but and taken to Brown Middle school.

Parents were told on the news that they could come and get their kids if they want, but now parents
are being told they will be locked up if they don't go behind the line and wait for instructions.  Their children are not being released to them.  One parent in particular on the news is saying that her child has severe asthma, and she wants to take her directly to the hospital, whether or not the school officials feel she is in danger or illness.  She has been told that she will be locked up if she does not leave the premises.  She has told the news that her child will never attend an Atlanta Public School again.

Can you say homeschooling anyone?

Ok... still watching the news, and I am realizing that these kids aren not being tested medically (I think), but separated from each other and being asked about symptoms... that is all. The want to continue with "School" at another location.

This is unorganized and out of order.  No regard is being given to parents... and kids are being kept from parents, probably to hopefully let the kids carbon monoxide level to drop so they won't be sued or whatever.  What they need to understand is that this is not a joke.  This could be fatal!  And the parent who wants her kid released to her because she has asthma...  needs to get on the phone with a lawyer.  Now!

I am sick, sick, sick, and so glad that my kids and I have not had to deal with this.  This reminds me of when my kids were in public school there were tornado warnings over and hour away.  The school refused to release the kids, and instead lined them up in the halls with their heads down and their butts in the air.  I could not get my kid when I had plenty of time to get them home and get in our own safe basement.... there was nothing safe about the school hallway.

The school does not know better than the parent... most of the time.  They've got to get over their superiority complex.

Two other things that bother me...

1.  Why aren't there carbon monoxide detectors in this BRAND NEW school?
2.  Why are some parents screaming racism?  Everything bad that happens in a black community is not racism.


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