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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First her diploma, then her drivers license

She got her driver's license this morning.   Seems like the third time was the charm.  Her nerves got the best of her on the date of her original road-test, which is when this photo was from.  Then she went back for a re-test (as a walk-in) because she didn't want to wait a month to schedule a new one, but they sent us away... we didn't get there early enough.  We got there at 6:34.  AM.  So today, we get there at 6:27, and she made the cut.  It was a long wait, but we found a nervous young lady to entertain and it helped with everyone's nerves.  They both passed with over 90 points!

So why is my child who has already graduated just getting her drivers license?   I have 3 reasons....
1.  She graduated young.  You probably already know that info if you read my blog.

2.  We the parents decide when they get to drive, not the government.  Sure she was legally able to when she first turned 16, almost a full year ago, but while the state says you have to practice for a year, mom and dad required more time.  While she didn't like the fact that she was the only Sr. whose Mommy escorted her her to homeschool classes this past year, that fact didn't phase me one bit, not even when she pointed out that the Jrs. were also arriving solo.  I neither made judgment on those parents who let their kids drive young,  nor did I feel the need to put  fire under my butt to help her get her license.  I knew that I'd know when the right time had come.  ...And it came.

3.  Permission to drive must be earned in my home.  It is not a right.  I needed to see dedication, order, and a mature attitude before I would share my car with a child.  Not to mention buying them their own car.  Who knows when that is going to happen?  But I can tell you when I do buy her or my son a car, they will surely deserve it.... or they will buy their own.

(By the way, her older brother doesn't even have his license yet, but that is more of his decision than ours. )



Happy Elf Mom said...

I twisted my oldest son's arm to get a driver's test (he's nearly 20!! Come on!!) and he failed.


Congrats to your daughter!

Ahermitt said...

Don't worry Happy. my soon to be 19 yr old is dragging his feet.

My name is Tiffany said...

I agree with your postion as a parent, that you will have the final say so on what's best for your family. Why should society as large determine what's best for my child. So happy she passed her exam.