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Monday, June 17, 2013

Leggings are not pants

They're not... they are just not.  They are stockings or perhaps tights with the foot cut off.

There are exceptions.  Sometimes they are made of a heavier fabric that you can't see skin through... in this case, they are more like yoga pants, but barely.  They are still mostly tights or some kind of hybrid.

So here's my problem.  There is a big uproar about a TSA agent who chastised a 15 year old girl for wearing leggings as pants.  He (I believe) told her to cover up because of her age.  (Perhaps he has a 15 year old daughter too.) She found his behavior creepy and inappropriate and let her dad know.  Good girl.  The result of that is that they are trying to get the person fired, and hundreds of people are jumping on the band-wagon defending her clothing choice.

Actually, I kind of want to defend her too, as I feel like adults should not address teenagers who aren't bothering anyone.  They especially should not address them harshly.  If you have a problem, look for the parent and if you can't find one, then walk away. ( I can imagine myself pulling dad aside and saying "your daughter may not realize it, but I can clearly see her underwear through her leggings, perhaps she has a mini skirt in her luggage.)  But don't mess with someone's baby.  You might get your jugular torn out.  I know I almost ripped someone a new one at DMV last week because my daughter's naturally loud voice (from being on the stage) interrupted her from trying to spell her text messages or something.  So, yeah.  Mind your business.

But at the end of the day, is no one brave enough to mention that the Emperor... err. young lady is actually not wearing pants.  They are leggings.  She has on a reasonably long shirt, which is the rule I have for my daughter when wearing leggings (you need to have on something with it that covers your butt... coming down to fingertip length).  But the shirt is open, so it's not doing its job. But noooo they are jumping all over the response to the girl not being covered and are ignoring the elephant in the room.

Here's the link:    Am I crazy?  Am I wrong.  Are those not leggings... and the ones you can pretty much see through?

But this is none of my business.  Right?  There's just one thing that bugs me.  I have been first hand witness to what happens when a parent defends a kid to the point of ignoring the child's offense or issue.  But instead of letting this be a chance to have a conversation about little things you can do to adjust your wardrobe to make sure you don't get caught in the wrong light revealing too much, they chose to start a campaign against slut-shaming.  I feel like it just sets up the child in the future for never taking responsibility for their own actions... And that's really sad.



Happy Elf Mom said...

I don't care if she's walking around butt naked. TSA shouldn't be directing our clothing choices unless we're wearing spikes or other apparel that could hurt other passengers. They also shouldn't be allowed to feel everyone up; they're not doctors. If her outfit were inappropriate, that would be an issue for the stewardesses to deal with once she got on the plane.

It's not even an issue of whether her clothing was inappropriate (it didn't look that bad compared to other stuff I've seen!), but the person saying it, who they're saying it to, and what their motives are. yk?

Ahermitt said...

I don't disagree... TSA got on my for wearing wide legged PJ pants, so i am not the voice of fashion here. Still, I feel like momma or daddy should help kiddo make better clothing choices all the same.