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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Young people, re-think your vocabulary

Here is a video of Frederick Douglass' "Fourth of July Speech".

I promise you that Frederick Douglass took great pains to measure each and every word from his mouth.  He did not rely on slang and self-denigrating words to get his message across.  He used formal and intelligent speech and was still able to deliver a shocking and forceful address to his audience.

This speech and his representations of his race in many speeches helped to move mountains and changed the mindset of the intelligence of the black man in the minds of many doubters.   

I dare say that if today's young people would write and speak as intelligently, they would make an even stronger statement - deliver as much shock, as the most swear-word laden rant ever could.  

Measure your words. ... and take delight in vocabulary. 

Happy Fourth of July. 

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