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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

On Health and Diets

I have seriously been neglecting my health.

First, I was just sick of doctors telling me that losing weight was the answer to all my problems.  Second, there was always some homeschooling task or event more important and fun than a doctors appointment.

There's that and the fact that it was hard to make doctors appointments while toting kids around and how the doctors staff used to glare at me for bringing them to appointments when they were younger.  When they were finally old enough to be left home, I missed a scheduled appointment and the self important doctor's office left me a message to not come back...  so... it's been about 5 years since seeing a Gyn and 3 years since seeing a general practitioner for anything

So with no excuses left, I dragged my butt to the doctor yesterday.  I am not pleased.

I decided to go because of a diagnosis my daughter got that I had been trying to get for myself for years (PCOS).  So I asked the endocrinologist if they would see me and they said I had to get referred back.  Shoot.  OK.  I made an appointment.

So I write down my history.  Relatives health issues, my own health history, my surgeries, and last appointments.  Then we go over it.

I explain to the doctor why I am there.  Sure this hurts, and that is bothersome, but I want to get this particular health issue addressed, and I am tired of doctors just waiving their hand and saying, well, if you just lose weight....

Son of a biscuit.....   She did exactly that.  And proceeded to tell me that the only way to get the weight off is to gradually lower my calorie intake to 1000 calories a day.

Sure that would make me thinner, but it would take away any muscle mass I have and then as soon as I could no longer hold the 1000 calories a day, I would end up twice the size I am now.....  no-thank you.  and Suck it, madam doctor.

I left livid, with a pile of tests I need to have run before I can get referred out.  I scheduled my ear irrigation, mammogram, and ultrasounds all in the same day.  That is how eager I am to just get through this process and get the real problem addressed.

I am praying right now that all these tests come back like last time... that I am in overall great health, in spite of my size 20 pants. I am praying that I can get the help that Jordan is getting that is the main cause of not being able to control my weight... and I am hoping I never have to see that 1000-calorie-a-day doctor again.


Happy Elf Mom said...

WOW I think we have the same medical insurance or something. It is so humiliating. :(

Sis LaVerne Cox said...

If you are in gwinnett, consider going to D.r. Lisa Robbins. While I can also attest to the arrogance I have entertained in Dr.'s offices I believe in Holistic medicine and an integrative medicine doctor like her would be worth every penny.

I pray God's speedy healing and deliverance for you and your family.