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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Keep those programs!

If you have a talented child, who is planning on a future in the theater or visual arts, you need to be keeping all of the programs from all of the shows, performances, and contests they were in.

I am using these programs right now to help us compile a resume, but when put together in a book, they are also a portfolio.  Make sure you put a couple of still shots from each show in the portfolio as well.

Here is my simple method:

1.  Purchase sheet protectors
2.  Open program to your child's bio (or where they are mentioned if they did tech or other work) and highlight their name.

3.  Put open program in sheet protector so

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is our homeschool shelf

 This is in response to Dewey's treehouse who discusses: Another year of boxes, bins, notebooks: trying not to duplicate where she shared her homeschool organization boxes, bins and binders.  

As I mentioned previously a large bulk of our homeschool program is online, and we used Google Calendar to communicate and plan assignments.  Still, the books, notebooks, and other learning materials are supposed to land somewhere.  So... this is our homeschool shelf.